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I’ve personally been on several live aboard diving trips before, usually in tropical water and on pretty “basic” facility and level of service. After all, the aim was mostly for diving.

However, if you’re looking for this sort of experience in Mediterranean with top notch level of luxury, then check out Luxury Yatch for Charter at Croatia. has many options when it comes to chartered yachts, and if you’re looking for ones with everything for a group of up to a dozen, consider My Mustique or Lady Gita.

These yachts are 55 and 49 meters in length, with 6 cabins comfortably takes up to twelve guests.

Other than enjoying good food and sun tanning on board, there’s also a host of water sports to be enjoyed while on the trip, such as kayaking, paddle boarding, jetski, and more. Other fun activities includes fishing, board games, and with My Mustique, there’s even a jacuzzi.

For a larger group of up to 36, consider checking out Freedom – a 48.2 meter yacht with 20 cabins – 2 triple, 14 double, and 4 twins. Again, there’s water skiing, jet ski, donut ride, a jacuzzi, and even a small pool on the main deck

More details and pricing information is available on the website at

If you’re looking for an experience of a life time, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

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  1. I would love to visit Croatia.

  2. Definitely would like to visit Croatia but not the yatch cruise as I have serious motion sickness and I would probably end up vomit non-stop on that luxury yatch ~>_<~

  3. “Na si gua oo chi pak ban!” (If I had a million dollars!) LOL!!!

  4. I always enjoyed sailing into Kings Landing, before it was destroyed by fire. Must watch out for small pox and wild fire and womp rats. Valar morghulis.

  5. am free the second week of january – let’s go yachting! 😀

  6. at a glance, i actually thought you were sponsored a trip/stay lor. LOLS!

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