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When it comes to Indonesian food, none is more famous than Ayam Penyet, essentially a flattened deep fried chicken served with tempeh (made from fermented soya bean), tofu, and those oh-so-addictive sambal.

Ayam Penyet Mak Maya, Kampung Baru
Ayam Penyet Mak Maya, Kampung Baru

My first ayam penyet was at Waroeng Penyet just over a decade ago, and it was love at first taste. I’ve been on a look out for ayam penyet stalls in its most “pure” form ever since, for a lack of a better word.

A hunt that led me to Ayam Penyet Mak Maya at Kampung Baru, my current favorite.

Mak Maya is located at Kampung Baru, directly opposite to one of my favorite Nasi Padang restaurant. The restaurant itself is a bit of a time capsule from the 80s, with plastic chairs and laminated table.

I always order mine with extra sambal
I always order mine with extra sambal

What sets Ayam Penyet Mak Maya apart from other such stalls is their sambal. The sambal is prepared “fresh” on the spot by grinding fresh ingredients to the paste form we’re familiar with.

The result was expectedly excellent, spicy, aromatic, and pure. I love it.

ayam or ikan keli for you?
ayam or ikan for you?

Other than ayam penyet (chicken), they also have ikan kembung (Indian Mackerel), and ikan keli (catfish) deep fried in the same style.

These are served with deep fried tauhu, tempeh, and a slice of raw cucumber, cabbage to go with plain rice. The sambal of course ties everything together to make a plate of super satisfying lunch.

if you love it spicy, you'd love it here
if you love it spicy, you’d love it here

If you want a good meal of ayam penyet in the heart of KL city, this is one to check out.. before Kampung Baru is eventually being redeveloped.


Ayam Penyet Mak Maya
58, Jalan Raja Muda Mus
Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.164533, 101.708807

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  1. oh so yummmy, literally drooling!
    and is the Jean???

  2. Wah, Jean before she had baby is way too long ago ler my friend, haha!
    I love sambal like this and had a lot during my Bandung and Bali trip, literally addicted to it!

    • Choi Yen: Hahaha, yea I remembered I had this old pic when I went to makan there with her ma.

  3. Pretty sure that the Indonesian sambal is much more spicier than Malaysian

  4. Alison Adler

    The food looks amazing! The fish looks so crispy, pretty sure that it was fantastic! Also nice video, really look forward to keeping reading all your posts! Thanks for this great article!

  5. That is probably the first dish that would come to my mind too if asked to name an Indonesian dish.

    • Monica: me too, and babi guling 😀

      • kekeke rosberg

        my ex work mate served babi guling to a group of Indonesian govt ministers at function once. The next day, his wife reported him missing… #realnews #bali

  6. The sambal looks like to die for!!!

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  8. Hi do you know the operating hrs? Looks yum!

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