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Another Kota Kinabalu’s favorite is apparently their beef noodle, and for whatever reasons, it took me quite a while before my first try, I suppose it has to do with beef noodle being quite readily accessible in Klang Valley, unlike some of the other more unique dishes (Tuaran mee, for example)

Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap, Hilltop, Kota Kinabalu
Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap, Hilltop, Kota Kinabalu

And when it comes to beef noodle in Kota Kinabalu, the name I’ve always hear about is Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap. So I made a stop to give it a try just before heading to airport on one of my many KK trips, and it was worth it.

Kah Hiong is located at Hilltop (and quite a few other locations), a stone’s throw away from the popular Fatt Kee seafood noodle, and just around 10+ minutes away from the city center.

Ngau Chap Mee Kan Lao
Ngau Chap Mee Kan Lao

There’s quite a selection of different combinations to be had here, mixed beef soup with rice, with noodle, beef stew, beef balls, sliced meat, or you can pick your ingredients of beef heart, liver, beef balls, tripe, tendon, tongue, and so on.

I ordered the Ngau Chap Mee Kan Lao – mixed beef soup with dry noodle (mee + meehun) as recommended by the server.

tendon, beef ball, innards, what's not to love?
tendon, beef ball, innards, what’s not to love?

I did find that the soup base was perhaps just a tad saltier than I’d have liked, but the ingredients were cooked to perfection. Innards were soft, meat was tender, and those tendon were fantastic. I’d definitely order mine with extra tendon next time around.

While there are some very good beef noodle here in KL, this KK version stands on its own and offer a pretty unique taste. I like it.

map to Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap, Kota Kinabalu

Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap
2-0-10, Lorong Taman Nosoob Jaya Phase 2,
Kolam Centre, 93450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
GPS: 5.949061, 116.092101
Tel: 016-826 9699

kah hiong ngiu chap menu

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  1. Oooooo…I so love Kah Hiong ngui chap, can detect the fragrance a mile away, and the cili dip is a killer, so hot!!! Btw, it’s buffalo. Another thing you MUST try in KK is the assam oxtail stew at the Hyatt. Not to be missed!

  2. i’d love to know the origin story of how ngiu chap first became popular in kk 😀

    • Sean: please send your guy to research and let us all know! 😀

    • kekeke rosberg

      about 1 million years ago, local native people decided to stop beheading and bbq’ing fellow rival villagers because they tasted no good (skin and bones) so decided to try eating kerbau instead. The rest is history! #realnews

  3. kekeke rosberg

    wah so delicious, this is beyond beef, and impossible for impossible meat to beat! #realnews

  4. ohh i have been to this shop. love the noodle eh. i think its one of the best among i tried a few

  5. Ooo, your ngau chap here has a lot more chap than the ones in KL (usually only brisket, tendon & tripe). This one got heart, lungs, liver, spleen, tongue and more. Their chilli dip also looks quite different. The piece that you’re dipping in chilli, what part is that? Spleen?

  6. I wouldn’t mind trying a bowl of that.

  7. Kl’s version seldom comes with heart, liver and tongue, but I’m not complaining as I don’t really eat them 😛

  8. Manuel Mendoza

    That dish you ordered looks exquisite! I definitely wanted to go and try those noodles, I really like making noodles, but those definitely look on a larger scale, the broth looks very delicious, full of flavor!

    • Manuel: make it happen, try!

      • kekeke rosberg

        ah uncle talking back to a bot, welcome to the future! #skynet #ai

        • kekeke: pls treat bot nicely, they’ll take over the world soon.

        • Manuel Mendoza

          Hi, my friend, first let me ask you how are you, I’m sorry that you thought I was a bot, but please let me assure you I’m not a bot. My name is Manuel Mendoza Garces and I live in Colorado. I work as a freelance to many companies in Mexico I invite you to talk and ask for my work ;).


  9. Yii Siang Hainan Ngiu Chap in tuaran road is my all time favourite.

  10. I like their ngiu chap 10 years ago… I hope they are still as good as the last time I had them. Price surely has went up, last time it was around rm8-9 but still cheaper than the one I had in Inanam which cost RM13 a bowl! LOL

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