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When it comes to Vietnamese food, pho usually gets all the glory, and to be fair, before I stepped foot on Hanoi, I too did not know the existence of this arguably superior Vietnamese dish – Bun Cha.

Bun Cha Dac Kim, Hanoi
Bun Cha Dac Kim, Hanoi

For those who aren’t familiar, bún chả ( is a dish consists of grilled pork with rice vermicelli,  bún stands rice vermicelli, and chả is pork.

My first taste of this wonderful dish came at Bun Cha Dac Kim in Hanoi, a rather famous joint for this dish and coincidentally situated near where we stay at Ancient Lane Hotel (pretty decent room and situated right at the morning market)

bun cha comes with plenty of vegetables
bun cha comes with plenty of vegetables

At this place, bun cha comes with freshly grilled pork and ground pork soaked in the dipping sauce (or broth) which is made of fish sauce, vinegar, and sugar. The vermicelli is served separately on a plate, and of course there’s plenty of herbs & raw vegetable, as well as those yummy spring roll with crab filling.

You can eat this dish by dipping the vermicelli in those broth and then mix with the pork & vegetable, or alternatively, wrap it the Korean bbq style, either way is not wrong.

mom loves the accompanying spring roll, so did I
mom loves the accompanying spring roll, so did I

The version at Bun Cha Dac Kim was really good, especially with those super spicy chili padi that they have too. We ordered 2 portions for the three of us and that turned out to be plenty enough. If you find yourself at Hanoi, do make sure to treat yourself with Bun Cha!

map to Bun Cha Dac Kim, Hanoi, Vietnam


21.032290, 105.848179

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  1. KY. Vietnamese food are so light which is good for diet. My fried spring rolls mix in rice noodle.

  2. When I see bun cha in travel shows, the sight of freshly grilled pork always make my mouth water. I think I’ve eaten some variation of it in some Vietnamese restaurants here but nothing like the bun cha I’ve seen. Where can I find good bun cha in KL ah? And don’t say Vietnam! 😉

    • eatwhateatwhere: I think Au Viet has them if I’m not mistaken, not sure if it’s as good tho.

  3. That sure sounds like something I would enjoy. Hey! You’re a splitting image of your mum!

  4. Why soak in broth? I don’t like my meat become wet wet and soggy >_<

  5. You really could eat for weeks in Vietnam and still not discover its variety of food.

  6. kekeke rosberg

    Yes must always check if the cafe is a proper Viet place. One time I went into this place and ordered Bun Cha and the lady serve me a bread roll and a cup of tea #!#^@%& #viet

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