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My traveling buddy while at Macao is someone whose diet consists of a heavy dosage of avocado, so after a great many days of subjecting herself to the local diet which has none of this “butter fruit” (as locals call it), we embarked in a mission to find one.

Which is how I ended up at Cafe TOFF.

TOFF, Macao
TOFF, Macao

TOFF is situated just a stone’s throw away from Lou Lim Ioc Garden, a public garden with a beautiful lotus lake that’s worthy of visit. If you’re there and have visited enough churches, why not?

The restaurant, like many other in Macau, is pretty diminutive in size, capable of serving perhaps two dozen customers snugly at any one time. Lucky for us, it was quite empty at 1pm or so on a Monday.

cozy interior inside TOFF
cozy interior inside TOFF

The menu though, is rather comprehensive (see below). They have a decent selection of espresso based coffee from latte, long black, to mocha, and even Marnier mocha, which comes with alcohol. Each cup costs between 28 to 50 MOP.

There’s also a selection of tea if that’s what you fancy.

breakfasts with coffee
breakfasts with coffee

As for food, there’s a dozen different types of salad and sandwiches, some with interesting ingredients like parma ham, squid and shrimp, Okinawa pork slices, or even shrimps and avocado. They’re priced between 50 to 68 MOP.

For our brunch, we went with the Big Breakfast (118 MOP) and Toff Veggie Breakfast (108 MOP), each comes with a black coffee or latte, and a selection of different ingredients to choose from.

TOFF Veggie Breakfast & TOFF All Day Breakfast
TOFF Veggie Breakfast & TOFF All Day Breakfast

Overall the food were pretty competent, and coffee did tastes like any good coffee would. It is a Western breakfast that would make it pretty much anywhere, except when it’s in Macau, you do pay Macau prices. Cute place though, certainly would not mind visiting again

map to TOFF Cafe, Macao

G/F, 72 R. da Esperanca,
Ferreira de Almeida, Macao
GPS: 22.199902, 113.547208
Tel: +853 28930014




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  1. Eat so much butter fruit later she turns green… like hulk… a SHEHULK! I prefer your big breakfast! HAHAHA

  2. kekeke rosberg

    Another blogger also doing this cafe. As she comes out of cafe, she took pictures of a primitive blogger from Msia, who was fascinated with Toff #kek

  3. I prefer your Big Breakfast 😛

  4. Wah, the cup also a bit old school, guna the metal cup. But not bad wor, breakfast got beef steak

  5. the decor is really tasteful – they’ve done a great job with a small space! lots of warm, charming touches 😀

  6. Awesome breakfast platters!!! Ooooo…I see bacon!

  7. Ha ha. I have a love for this butter fruit too.

  8. KY, my mm like food when in Macao. It reminded her of Hawaii.

  9. kekeke rosberg

    i wonder how much is a kleenso mop selling for in Macau?

  10. Hi this is Ivy from Toff, appreciate your intro for us, would you mind if we share your blog at our cafe?



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