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While Sarawakian street food has been making its way to Klang Valley, Sabah hawker fair is still largely confined to Northern Borneo. So if you find yourself at Sabah, one of the dishes you should definitely try is Tuaran Mee.

Kentin Bakut, Sabah
Kentin Bakut, Sabah 

Tuaran mee is a type of noodle originated from Tuaran, located some 30 kilometers away from Kota Kinabalu. While the original version that comes with chicken, meat, or seafood is plenty good, my favorite has got to be the version served up at Kentin Bakut – specifically their Fried Tomyam Tuaran Mee.

Kentin Bakut is some 25 or so kilometers from town, but conveniently it is situated along Jalan Tuaran Bypass, the road that you would take going from KK town to Kundasang, and if you’re going to KK, you should visit Kundasang anyway, so this place makes a good natural food/rest stop.

Fried Tomyam Tuaran Mee
fried tomyam Tuaran mee

Kentin Bakut actually serves quite a number of different dishes, they have fried rice, hor fun, mee hun soup, kon lou mee, and even bitter gourd soup with fish fillet.

But if you have only space for one meal, make it the fried tomyam tuaran mee. Yeap, it is as you would expect, the unique springy texture and flavor of tuaran mee packed with  spicy tomyam paste, expertly fried with charred bits plus those prawns and deep fried fish filet makes for a plate of rather unique goodness I’ve never had from anywhere else. Remember to squeeze the lime for that extra kick as well, it’s good! So good I would drive that distance just to have it.

seafood tomyam meehun
seafood tomyam meehun

I also tried their seafood tomyam meehun, which did not disappoint either. Spicy tomyam with fresh Sabah seafood, you can’t really go wrong here.

The dishes cost RM 7.50 and RM 8 each, and yes, I’m going to go over again when I have a chance. This place is pork free and you fit for Muslim friends.

map to kentin bakut, Sabah

Kentin Bakut
KM28.7, Jalan Tuaran,
Kampung Bakut,
89208 Tuaran, Sabah
GPS: 6.133141, 116.215213
Tel088-788 593
Hours: 6:30 am – 3 pm

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  1. The seafood would be 100% fresh, that’s for sure. Sabah has the best seafood, can’t deny them that!

  2. The fried tomyam Tuaran mee macam best je… There’s a few Sabah food shops and stalls opened in KL but sadly they couldn’t last long since they suck. Hahahaha

  3. I bet that was super tasty.

  4. KY,is the fried tomyam spicy? My cousin would like it for he is a noodle person.

  5. the noodles look very tempting – each strand seems soaked with flavour 🙂 sad that my last time in sabah was probably more than 10 years ago, probably closer to 15 years.

  6. woahh.. see the fried tomyum and tomyom also lau nua

  7. RM8 with so many prawns, very worthy!

  8. kekeke rosberg

    this tuaran mee got no lard? you sure??? hehehehe…

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