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On my previous trip to Kota Kinabalu, I was feeling a little bit under the weather due to a bout of not entirely moderate case of flu. My KK buddy was kind enough to take me to some comforting food fit for my condition – Seafood Porridge at Foh Sang.

How Lee Coffee Shop Seafood Porridge
How Lee Coffee Shop Seafood Porridge

The operation is located at How Lee Coffee Shop by the shop lots at Foh Sang that’s packed with quite a few other restaurants that aren’t short of customers during dinner time. After a couple rounds of circling the premise, we found a parking spot, and another few minutes of waiting, we finally landed on a table for two.

At this place, the star is their seafood porridge, but you can also have them with chicken, pork, scallop, crab, fish fillet, or prawns. Additionally, this is also a full fledge “tai chao” operation, so you get to order a pretty good selection of accompanying side dishes, or even have rice or noodle if porridge isn’t your calling for the night.

seafood porridge, choi sum, asam chicken, salted egg
seafood porridge, choi sum, asam chicken, salted egg

For dinner, we ordered a standard bowl of seafood porridge with a salted egg, a plate of deep fried asam chicken, and a portion of choi sam for fiber and vitamin.

The porridge was certainly top notch, and as expected of any seafood dishes, the quality was top notch and super fresh. The vegetable was probably produce from kundasang, crunchy and sweet. However, the asam chicken was perhaps a little too over fried for my liking, the slight bitter after taste didn’t really do it for me.

wholesome dinner especially when you're under the weather
wholesome dinner especially when you’re under the weather

Overall dinner came to about RM 60+ for the two of us, I’d say that’s decent value for the quality of seafood we got. Will not hesitate to go again.

map to how lee coffee shop seafood porridge kk

Seafood Porridge
How Lee Coffee Shop
No. S-26, Lorong Mawas 1, Jalan Kolam,
Taman Foh Sang, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu
88300 Sabah
GPS5.957661, 116.088143
Tel016-839 1938

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  1. kekeke rosberg

    frog + rice porridge at the front of block is best #realnews

  2. What is on top of the porridge?

  3. Looks like you’re doing all of my favourite things in KK – eating, eating and more eating 😉

  4. I would love to try that porridge – here we only get the minced pork ones. My! My! The salted egg yolk looks out of this world! I would love that too, I know.

    • suituapui: yesss, those were some really good salted egg yolks, retaining some soft center too!

  5. KY, I never eaten much salted eggs only in rice dumpling (jung) or in other type of dishes. My cousin like it so different the porridge for he had Cantonese ones which duck egg with pork or seafood porridge in Hong Kong. He will like it . Does it serve fried bread youtau?

    • Vickie: we didn’t have the youtau here, but it is quite a common companion for porridge all over Malaysia.

  6. Ahhhh… I’m familiar with this place. Feeling under the weather? It’s okay… let’s have some fried chicken to cure it! HAHAHAHA

  7. seafood porridge sounds comforting and looks good – but people with flu should be eating deep-fried side dishes! 😀

  8. Alexandra Phillips

    good blog… nice thought


  10. kekeke rosberg

    ah uncle KY always go MIA when in Sabah, not sure if kena kidnapped by abu sayaf or not #fakenews

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