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Well, time for another bak kut teh entry, and for this round we’ll look at Restoran Law Tian – one of only 24-hour bak kut teh places you can find in Klang (and perhaps anywhere)

Law Tian Bak Kut Teh, Klang
Law Tian Bak Kut Teh, Klang

Law Tian is located just a couple minutes from the end of Federal Highway into Klang, conveniently, there’s a parking lot right next to the restaurant that doubles as alfresco dining area at night.

Law Tian restaurant actually offers quite a number of food stalls, with the bak kut teh being one of them that operates around the clock.

The first time I visited Law Tian BKT was some 8-9 years ago, and somehow it escaped my mind until several weeks ago while thinking of a late night supper.

clay pot bak kut teh at Law Tian 24 hours
clay pot bak kut teh at Law Tian 24 hours

We ordered “nui kut”, or soft bone (near ribs) in clay pot for two pax (RM 14 per pax without rice, RM 1 for rice). The bak kut teh meat is true to Klang standard, soft, tender, and full of flavor. The soup at Law Tian, while not overly strong, is very competent for clay pot type and carries a good herbal note.

I also thought that the tofu skin served is rather good as well. Overall I found the bak kut teh perhaps a bit better than Kin Kong & Eng Ann’s version if we’re to strictly compare late night versions.

clay pot bak kut teh for two with soft bone ribs
clay pot bak kut teh for two with soft bone ribs

map to Law Tian 24 hour restaurant

Restoran Law Tian (24 Jam)
Persiaran Sultan Ibrahim,
Kawasan 15, 41300 Klang, Selangor
GPS3.048714, 101.449541
Hours: 24-hours

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  1. kekeke rosberg

    24/7 BKT is great near ah uncle KY’s place, because after a hard workout at nite, can go there to recharge then back to hard workout again until morning BKT breakfast #LOL #bkt247

  2. KY, the taste is it the same as other places? Rice is good with it and see with vegetable in it is good.

  3. kekeke rosberg

    noh, ah uncle KY is now BKT expert, so if blind tested some bkt can correctly guess which store it came from. But to all foreigners, all bkt taste the same LOL

  4. If someone going on a day trip to Klang were to ask you (the undisputed authority on BKT!) if he or she could only have one BKT in Klang, which one would you recommend? 😉 Hope I’m not putting you on the spot….kekeke! ;D

  5. Although you said the broth is not overly strong but the colour is still darker if compared to those KL’s versions 😛

    • Choi Yen: haha ya almost all Klang versions will be thicker than PJ/KL’s, very different level 😛

  6. How on earth does one manage to run a restaurant for 24 hours?

  7. Weather a bit too hot for BKT but I sure wouldn’t mind the dry version with rice.

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