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Last week I had a day off during the weekday and decided that it was a good opportunity to visit the dentist for a bit of check up and scaling, something which I do about twice yearly, and encourage you to do the same.

66 Chu Yuk Fun, at Taman Megah
66 Chu Yuk Fun, at Taman Megah

By the time I was done, it was time for lunch, and conveniently, right below the dentist was this brand new pork noodle place by the name of 66 Chu Yuk Fun, so pork noodle it is then!’

The restaurant is located just opposite the Taman Megah morning market, and operates for breakfast and lunch. Parking around the area can be sometimes a little challenging, but if you’re OK with walking a few steps, it shouldn’t pose a huge difficulty nor it is an exercise in patience.

my bowl of pork noodle with egg & extra vegetable
my bowl of pork noodle with egg & extra vegetable

On to the pork noodle itself, the soup is sweet with porky goodness, and the bowl comes with meat slices, liver, intestine, and minced meat you’d expect. There’s also bits of lard and decent amount of vegetable to go with. If you are like me who loves an egg in your soup noodle, the do it perfect here too.

mee suah was my noodle of choice
mee suah was my noodle of choice

Over all I found this version of pork noodle rather competent and a worthy alternative to the more famous Kean Fatt SS3 and Ah Or pork noodle, mainly also because the dining area is a lot more comfortable, with air conditioning.

If you’re hungry for some pork noodle at PJ area, this is one to check out.

map to 66 chu yuk fun, Taman Megah

66 Chu Yuk Fun
11, Jalan SS 24/8, Taman Megah,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.113565, 101.611254

Discuss : KY eats – 66 Chu Yuk Fun Pork Noodle, Taman Megah

  1. kekeke rosberg

    chu yuk fun = pork meat noodle, not sure wat 66 means but sounds kinky lol, nothing yuck but fun here #yakfan

  2. From its Chinese name, this pork noodles is from Bukit Mertajam~

  3. KY, that look like a lot of pork in the fun. It seem like a filling way to start the morning.
    My cousin from the state now working and living in KL enjoyed trying many different kind
    of Malaysian type of food. He will look for this type noodle dish .

  4. Yes, I agree, you must take care of your teeth.

  5. Can’t see the price but it looks like it is over RM10. Kinda pricey for a noodle dish at a coffee shop, non-air conditioned and all.

    • suituapui: welcome to PJ. hahaha. To be honest it actually has air conditioning.

  6. Run by Hakkas? With my limited Hakka, I know chu yuk fun means pork noodles…kekeke! ;D I’m all for chu yuk fun that has chee yau char in it! 😉

  7. In my 40 over years of life, I only did scaling once. It was last year and it was not a pleasant experience. Very ‘milu’ for me. I don’t think I want to get it done ever again. But after seeing my teeth all clean, I feel so sayang to eat fearing my teeth will get dirty all over again. Haha.

    I love pork noodles especially with spare parts. Yums!

  8. ohhh.. will try this next since yu say good

  9. is this as good as the ss15 pork noodle ?

    • yk: good in a different ways, I think the ss15 (also mentari & kean fatt since they’re all siblings) have slightly thicker soup. This place is a lot more comfortable and better service I thought.

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