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Hello everyone and welcome to the new Malaysia! If you’ve noticed that the left index finger of people in the video below seems to have a black stain, it was because this was taken just a couple days post election, the stain was from indelible ink used on voters. And yes, the government was changed in the most shocking and democratic fashion, a new beginning for the country after 61 years of single-coalition rule. This review marks the first entry post-new Malaysia.

Anyway, let’s get to Liang Li Grilled Fish.

Liang Li Ikan Bakar, at Pandamaran 168
Liang Li Ikan Bakar, at Pandamaran 168

Liang Li grilled fish is a small grilled fish, or commonly known as Ikan Bakar, stall in Klang that is ultra popular to the locals. But since it is located almost all the way to Port Klang area at Pandamaran, it is still relatively unknown to people outside of this bak kut teh birth place.

The stall opens at 5:30pm, and it is always wise to get there as early as possible, for after 6pm or so the queue can be quite long and often wait time can exceed one hour due to the fact that the operator only grills with a small cooking area and have everything made-to-order to ensure quality.

Liang Li Ikan Bakar, with yee mee on the side
Liang Li Ikan Bakar, with yee mee on the side

For the seven of us, we ordered a couple pieces of stingray, a portion of squid, prawns, a barramundi (siakap), and cockles from Liang Li stall. Additionally, we also ordered fried yee mee and Hokkien mee from the “tai chao” stall, and a portion of oyster omelet from another stall.

barramundi, stingray, prawns, squid
barramundi, stingray, prawns, squid

All seafood except the cockles (bakar style) were marinated the same way, with a strong presence of kunyit and curry powder of sort over banana leaf. What really stands out here is how each piece is cooked just so to a really soft and tender texture with nothing being overcooked or under-cooked.

The balacan infused chili paste that is served with the grilled seafood was top notch as well. We were really happy with the quality here.

cockles, hokkien mee, oyster omelet
cockles, hokkien mee, oyster omelet

The noodles were competent dish as well, but I thought the oyster omelet was a bit of a disappointment, something I wouldn’t order again.

The meal came up to around RM 30 per pax, and I believe we will certainly return for more next time.

map to Restoran 168 at Pandamaran, Klang

Liang Li Grilled Fish
Restoran Pandamaran 168
168, Jalan Chan Ah Choo,
Pandamaran, Klang,
GPS3.009372, 101.417521
Tel: 017-395 6257
Hours5:30 pm onwards

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  1. kekeke rosberg

    Make Msia Great Again!! #kekeke

  2. kekeke rosberg

    wahh nice ikan bakar. Najib will also be grilled as well #hoikkkk #ISA

  3. I love the grilled fish there, sambal given separately as a dip. Here, they bury the fish in sambal and bakar – the lovely taste of the fish does not stand out.

    • suituapui: yah, having it separate really brings out the freshness of seafood.

  4. Yeah, a brand new Malaysia!
    I like stingray bakar and that’s the only dish I will order from a Ikan Bakar stall 😛

  5. Kerang! Oh gosh kerang.. iWant! Will keep this in mind when I go Klang one day. To get my hubby to bring me to Klang macam asking him to bring me overseas. So rare! >_<

  6. Yes, woot woot to a a new Malaysia! Everything I see, I like…cockles, oyster omelette…and well, just about anything grilled!! 😉 Aiyo, why so far away lah! :'(

  7. really appetising-looking seafood – very vibrant cooking! 🙂 p.s. i still have ink on my fingernail after 10 days 😀

  8. Ky, Asia have wonderful starfish dishe. States have hard time finding one

  9. wah you went liau. okok will go to this place next klang visit

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