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The birth place of bak kut teh, Klang, has perhaps one of the most competitive bak kut teh scene in the country, with population of some 750,000 (according to wikipedia) and a claimed of some 3-500 bak kut teh restaurants, it also has the highest BKT restaurant per capita.

Samy & Tien, night time bak kut teh option at Klang
Samy & Tien, night time bak kut teh option at Klang

From these mostly mom & pop restaurants rose a few familiar names of BKT sellers any connoisseurs of this dish would recognize- with one of them of the Ah Her & Samy family.

Well, they now have a new outlet at Taman Intan out to tackle the night market by the name of Samy & Tien Bak Kut Teh, challenging Weng Heong just a few shops down the street in luring those who look for a good BKT dinner.

Much like it’s sister branches of Ah Her at Pandamaran (night), or Samy & Ah Her at Berkeley (morning/lunch), Samy and Tien offers BKT in single serving bowls with a choice of your favorite parts – such as paikut (ribs), tua kut (big bone), seh kut (small bone), nui kut (soft bone), pua pui chiak (3 layer pork), and so forth.

paikut or tuakut? take your pick
paikut or tuakut? take your pick

As for taste, it is almost exactly alike their sister branches. Thick herbal soup with a strong peppery note, and with the meat coming in soft, tender, and flavorful.

Also similar with their sister branches, it is not meant for those who seek lots of soup to go with their BKT. This is not due to them being stingy, but there’s only so much broth you can make to achieve these sort of thick consistency.

So if you’re looking for one of the better bowl type BKT in Klang for dinner, now it’s just some 10 mins drive from Subang, with no more toll to pay as well!


samy & tien bak kut teh map

Samy & Tien BKT
59, Jalan Batai Laut,
Taman Intan,
41300 Klang, Selangor
GPS3.056525, 101.474312
Tel: 012-876 6223

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  1. I remembered you posted Ah Foong BKT dinner blog with Kerol 10 years ago, nice to see you eating BKT with her again. I like the BKT dry version at Yap Chuan in Puchong. Have tried it?

    • Meng: we never stopped eating together as friends 😀

      And yes, I’ve had Yap Chuan many times

  2. kekeke rosberg

    I like pui chiak

  3. Did you get the free BKT for voting early?

  4. I wonder if they have all those choices – pai kut, tua kut and what not at the bak kut teh places here, never bothered to ask.

  5. I like drink BKT soup and will add soup at least twice, so this is not for me >_<

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