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One of the harder thing to do when it comes to food is to have an open mind, of not having a preconception of reputation and who “should” be able to produce what sort of cuisine best. It is something that I personally struggle with from time to time, for example, I’d order Penang char kuih teow in Klang Valley using Penang style Hokkien, casting a doubt whenever they fail to reply in the same accent.

So you can imagine that I had my doubts when approaching this rather busy joint operated by three foreigners (Burmese perhaps?) just off Jalan Pasar in KL.

Jalan Seladang off Jalan Pasar, next to RHB
Jalan Seladang off Jalan Pasar, next to RHB

After riding past the area a few times on my way to Pudu, I thought I give it a try since it looked rather busy every single time I paid attention to it.

As it turns out, this little yellow stall a stone’s throw away from the famous Chen Chen Roast Goose offers fish head meehun.


Unlike fancier places like B & Best (one of my favorite joints), the options here are simple, “soong fish head” (RM 7) or garupa fish head (RM 13), and the choice of noodle.

For both my visits, I picked meehun to go with the different types of fish. The portion were pretty decent, and the fish did tasted rather fresh, but above all, the execution were simple yet on point, with a good soup base, copious amount of parsley, just the right amount of fried garlic and raw ginger to make a very enjoyable bowl of fish head noodle.

fish head noodle with "soong fish"
fish head noodle with “soong fish”

If I didn’t sit there and see these guys cook it, I’d have thought this was prepared by some old Chinese uncle with 30 years experience.

Sometimes suspending our preconception can bring about good surprises.

jalan pasar fish head meehun map

Fish Head Meehun
Jalan Seladang off Jalan Pasar
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.135574, 101.715417

Discuss : KY eats – Fish Head Meehun at Jalan Pasar

  1. KY,I never seen or heard of this before but sure look good. Lot of fish meat in it. Rustic looking also.

    • Vickie: yaa, it is very nice actually, if fish head is your sort of thing, it is very popular here. Otherwise for “beginner” I’d suggest to go for fish meat.

  2. Sure has its following, quite a lot of people there.

  3. kekeke rosberg

    Yahh I know what you mean uncle. My friend went to Mosto last week and ordered a plate of mee goreng but got spaghetti bolognese instead, he go waaatt man but still liked the dish #alternativefacts #lol

  4. Wah there are so much coriander in your bowl of noodles, some might frown upon seeing that 😛 (but not me, I like coriander)

  5. kekeke rosberg

    In Americaland, no more foreigners working in McDonalds because of Prezident Orange #maga #alternativefacts

  6. some of the burmese folks have quite excellent cooking skills, ya – a bit of a generalisation, but i think they have a solid grasp on how to balance flavours and textures using traditional ingredients 😉

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