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While having one of my favorite wantan mee at Lucky Garden a couple weeks back, a slightly older Sikh gentleman politely asked to share the table, which of course I agreed. As usual, my breakfast was then accompanied by a single serving side dish of stranger conversation.

Pudu wet market, KL
Pudu wet market, KL

It was during this exchange that the I was told about his favorite curry chee cheong fun place at Pudu wet market, and how all his decade old ex-classmates drools over the pictures on WhatsApp group chat whenever he posts them. So naturally, I decide to pay a visit to see what this is all about on the very next day.

It was actually my first time to the Pudu wet market, and to be honest I wasn’t really prepared by how big, busy, noisy, wet, and smelly this place is. This may turn off quite a few people, but I thought it brought a sense of nostalgia and live to the city. I kinda liked it, but if you drive there, do try to park some distance away instead of barging through the super congested streets surrounding the market.

curry chee cheong fun stall, Pudu Market
curry chee cheong fun stall, Pudu Market

The curry chee cheong fun stall is right next to the Northern part of the wet market building and manned by a lady. You can ask for pure curry chee cheong fun (RM 2 for small portion, as in pic), or if you so fancy, add some yong tau foo pieces.

And yes, the curry chee cheong fun was on a league of its own, the curry has a bit of that kurma aroma to it which is rather distinctive, while also being a lot thicker than most. On top of that, there’s these little crunchy bits they put on top of those perfectly soft & smooth chee cheong fun. It was all well balanced and very, very satisfying.

curry chee cheong fun goes great with yau char kuai
curry chee cheong fun goes great with yau char kuai

My experience that morning was made more memorable by yet another stranger who came and shared table, this time another single serving conversation which ended up with the kind stranger offering me half a yau char kuai to go with my leftover curry sauce. Match made in heaven.

map to Pudu Market

Curry Chee Cheong Fun
Pudu Market
Jalan Pasar Baharu
Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.134275, 101.715213

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  1. I love the Hello Kitty plaster!

  2. KY, I made at home chee cheong fun but had it in neighborhood the curry one. Love all kind of curry dishes. Will try to make curry one and see with you chau kuai too.

  3. kekeke rosberg

    strangers come up to you so that they can touch you because you are fehmes #lol

  4. kekeke rosberg

    I prefer to tapau then add local auntie CCF special red sweet sauce to it for extra ommphh #secreteats

  5. Can’t say it looks enticing, I’m afraid.

  6. I always have my CCF with soy sauce + shallot oil,but sometimes will be distracted by the aroma of the curry sauce 😛

  7. It’s difficult to go to Pudu market for the very reasons you mentioned. Maybe I can go tapau.

    I may not have shared a table with you or offered you yau char kwai but would you like to try the curry ccf in Pandan Perdana market? This guy’s ccf is usually sold out by 8 am but he has since moved into a coffee shop (Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Wai Fung which also happens to contain our fav pork noodles) coz the stalls (outside the market) always get chased by Bandaraya (his stall is made up of just a table next to his car). I guess he got tired of always packing and running! My husband swears by this curry ccf.

    • eatwhateatwhere: ooo that’s interesting, I’ll have to see if I got a chance to do that. Thanks!

  8. Will definitely try dipping my yau char kuai in curries! The curry chee cheong fen looks so good x

    • Allyna: good choice!

      • kekeke rosberg

        i propose a #yaucharkuaichallenge where you dip it in a variety of dishes #LOLOL

        challenge #1 I dip yau char kuai into durian flesh and eat it

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  10. well mentioned buddy, it called diverse taste in the diverse world!!

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