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Kuih Teow Soup is one of those Penang hawker food that receive very little attention in Klang Valley, and I believe this is mostly due to the fact that pork noodle and the KL style fishball noodle (very subtle differences) serves most of the same demographic that gravitates towards this type of dishes.

Update 2019: This stall now moves to a few shops down at Hock Seng kopitiam.

do re mi kopitiam at Ara Damansara
do re mi kopitiam at Ara Damansara

Here’s the subtle differences in these three types of noodle soup, even though their broth are all clear and choice of noodle is usually kuih teow (flat rice noodle):

  • pork noodle – major ingredients of pork slices, innards, and even pork balls, sometimes you get to add poached egg, no bean sprouts
  • KL style fish ball noodle – fish ball, fish cake, bean sprout, mustard green
  • Penang kuih teow soup – fish ball, fish cake, chicken/pork/duck meat slices, bean sprouts, sometimes with coagulated duck/chicken blood, spring onion

So in essence, kuih teow soup has a more complex taste when compared to plain old fish ball noodle, while being not as savory and heavy as pork noodle.

For a proper bowl of Penang kuih teow soup in Klang Valley, my favorite at the moment is the hawker stall at Do Re Mi kopitiam at Ara Damansara. It is one of the very few places in town that serves kuih teow soup with duck meat. Duck meat is an ingredient that you don’t often find in hawker dishes in KL, I suppose mostly due to cost, and perhaps lesser appreciation from the public.

kuih teow th'ng, with duck meat
kuih teow th’ng, with duck meat

If you’re a fan of kuih teow soup in it’s proper form, this is surely a place to check out. Let me know if you have other favorites of yours to share.

map to restaurant doremi 123, Ara Damansara

Restaurant DoReMi 123
Jalan PJU 1a/20b
Ara Damansara 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS3.119897, 101.579194

Discuss : KY eats – Penang style kuih teow soup at Do Re Mi 123 kopitiam, Ara Damansara

  1. That’s a great name for a shop.

  2. KY,I had this dish in Singapore with my cousin. The food court also carried with duck meat too. I should order with duck meat next time when there.

  3. I actually love kway teow th’ng but can’t find many decent ones in KL. This one is made more decadent with duck meat…but then no longer authentic kway teow th’ng, right? Hihihi! 😀

    • Who cares whether it’s authentic or not….. as long as it taste good, that is what matters isn’t it?. Just my honest opinion

    • eatwhateatwhere: authentic kuih teow th’ng memang got duck meat tho!

      • kekeke rosberg

        that roadside uncle always put his spesial sauce in his CKT to make it awesome, always taste good so does not matter what his secret spesial sauce is #LOL

      • Oh, thanks KY for clarifying that. I’m not very familiar with Penang food. I actually didn’t know that Penang’s version of kway teow th’ng comes with duck meat. That’s because I’ve been having this in stalls in KL (which advertise themselves as Penang KTT) and I’ve never come across one with duck meat before. Looks like these ones supposedly selling Penang KTT is not authentic Penang version then..LOL! That’s why I made the statement of it not being authentic because of the duck meat (I learned something new today). FYI, I also couldn’t care less if it’s authentic as long as it tastes good…just my humble opinion.

  4. I love kway teow th’ng! Have a soft spot for refreshing clear soups.

  5. As a local, for sure I cannot differentiate kuih teow soup and any other soupy noodles, the only element that make the former looks different most probably the duck slices. I never try Penang style kuih teow soup also 😛

  6. Linda James

    Thank your site! information your share is useful to me!

  7. kekeke rosberg

    they are opening another branch in PJ, called Restoran Faso latido #fakenews

  8. The stall owner has upped and opened his own kopishop along the same row called Fook Sing.

    A reprisal of Fook Sing at SS2 which closed down last time.

  9. Where to find indian mee like in bangkok lane penang

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