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Admittedly, fried rice hasn’t been one of the sexiest hawker dishes in Malaysia. If you ask anyone of their favorite Malaysian hawker dishes, chances are that most people are going to say char kuih teow, laksa, prawn mee, mee goreng, and so on.

Restoran Hup Soon fried rice, Petaling Jaya SS3
Restoran Hup Soon fried rice, Petaling Jaya SS3

That being said, I think a plate of good old fashion fried rice is the perfect dish when you really want to have that stomach filled up good.

When it comes to good old fashion fried rice for lunch, one of the best places you can go to Restoran Hup Soon at Petaling Jaya SS3.

fried rice with the glorious fried egg
fried rice with the glorious fried egg

The operator from the stall that specialize fried rice is originally from Kedah and has been operating in the same stall for over a decade, serving up the same recipe from all those years.

A plate of fried rice comes with finely chopped long beans & char siu, egg, crunchy bean sprouts, and prawns. I’d also strongly suggest that you ask for an additional fried egg that’s perfectly fried with the egg yolk that remains runny.

egg with runny yolk is my favorite
egg with runny yolk is my favorite

The fried rice is also served with some chili padi for those who loves a bit of kick, tho I think it’ll really be perfect if there’s some proper Penang sambal here.

If you’re a fried rice lover, this is definitely a place to check out.

map to hup soon kopitiam, SS3

Restoran Hup Soon
7, Jalan SS 3/29,
Taman University,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.095309, 101.611128
Hours: breakfast & lunch

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  1. My favorite choice whenever I’m at Hup Soon. I normally order some yong tau foo to go with my fried rice. The Indian rice is nice too and so is the wat tan mian xian. Hungry liao!

    • Mark: makes two of us! I used to love to add YTF with other dishes I order at ANY kopitiam when available. Guess appetite isn’t as big these days.

  2. oooo , is the kopitiam behind pom pom, araso

  3. Luckily I no need to go to PJ when I crave for fried rice because my place has a pretty good one, hehe 🙂

  4. I see you love fried rice. I also and since San Francisco I make it with ham har( shrimp paste) at time. My guy like it. I like Thai fried rice because it so different with spice hot sauce.

  5. kekeke rosberg

    wahhh there it is again. This blog started as food pr0n website, next it will become Car Pr0n also #keke #s11

  6. Hey, I’m one of those who thinks fried rice is a sexy hawker dish leh! 😉 Nothing screams comfort food to me like a plate of good ol’ fashioned fried rice! ^o^

  7. Fried rice outside is always nicer than own home-cooked because of the lovely wok hei fragrance. They say it is because of the BIG fire compared to our miserable gas stove one.

    • suituapui: yah that’s very true. However if you invest in a high pressure gas regulator that can be sorted out 😀

  8. Phorence

    There’s no ‘char siew’ inside . Ingredient have chopped long bean, carrot, chicken breast, prawn, egg, bean sprouts

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