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For many of us Malaysians, driving to work everyday is a ritual we’re all familiar with, and since we are also a country not particularly blessed with great parking situations, stopping by for breakfast can be a challenge. In fact, it is found that one in four Malaysians ended up skipping breakfast.

PETRONAS breakfast at only RM 5
PETRONAS breakfast at only RM 5

When it comes to breakfast, there are three things most of us look for:

  • accessibility – how am I going to get to that breakfast place?!
  • choice of food – what do they offer? will it be halal? how does it taste?
  • value – I don’t want to spend RM 10 just for breakfast!

 pick any combo of food & drinks to go
pick any combo of food & drinks to go

The good thing is, PETRONAS Mesra has got you covered in all three aspects.

  • accessibility: Many of will pass by a participating Kedai Mesra en route to work
  • choice of food: sandwich, nasi lemak, pulut, kuih, and more!
  • value: combination of main dish with a drink of canned milo or coffee for only RM 5!


If I’m on the go and have little time to spare, a combination of tuna sandwich and canned Milo is the way to go. Sandwich because I can actually even eat it in the car, and milo to give me that extra protein and feel good stomach.

If a little bit of Malaysian flavor is what I crave, the nasi lemak and coffee provides a great alternative. I’d tapao this and have it at the leisure of the office’s pantry when I get to work.

nasi lemak from Kedai Mesra

If you love pulut and a bit of curry, or some good old fashion Nyonya kuih, grab those instead. All for RM 5 per set.

You can find your nearest Kedai Mesra at!.aspx

So, remember, feed your stomach in the morning, and now there’s no excuse you can’t grab something filling before hitting the keyboard to start the day.

Discuss : The RM5 Morning@Mesra Breakfast

  1. KY, just like states but better food. Every gas stations we have mini marts. Got have coffee and food for no time to eat at home.

  2. Yeah, I read about this earlier…a truly good deal! 🙂 Wah, which outlet is this? They’re so well stocked! ;P Must find one nearest to me.

  3. kekeke rosberg

    walau, the amount of sambal and anchovies is not enough !!! #foodcrime

  4. Iklan Selangor

    Would love to have hot morning satay.

  5. Ok i am being aunty here… the nasi lemak looks ok if full of empty carbs. But how hard is it to make your own tuna sandwich? That gas station would also sell bread and tins of ready made tuna mayo. And you can also get 3-in-1 milo sachets right?

    • Tabea: you’re not wrong, but same can be said with a lot of different food offerings. It’s about convenience usually more than anything. Not everyone has the extra 20-30 mins to prep kan?

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