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After the recent bout of postings on Klang area foods, I think it’s time to get back to PJ for a bit, and talk about this Penang curry mee just off Jalan 222 that is fast becoming one of my regular weekday breakfast spots.

Update 27-1-2019: this stall has since closed , you can go to Sun Sea at OUG, manned by the same family

Curry mee at Restaurant Mei King, PJ off 222
Curry mee at Restaurant Mei King, PJ off 222

For those who aren’t familiar with Penang style curry mee, it is quite different from the usual KL version. The ingredients usually consists of prawns, tofupok, cockles, cuttlefish, and the all important coagulated pork blood. All these served with your choice of noodle in a santan base broth topped with a sambal paste that can be slightly charred.

It is the best version of any curry mee if you ask me.

This particular stall in Mei Keng kopitiam is run by the same family originated from Penang Kuantan Road, they also run a stall at OUG’s Sun Sea kopitiam, which used to be one of my breakfast spots that takes quite a bit of detour en-route to work.

glorious Kuantan Road curry mee
glorious Kuantan Road curry mee

The santan based soup is legit here,  they get the sambal just right, and of course, there’s the all important coagulated pork blood. A bowl here cost RM 6 and it’s really rather close to any you’d get in Penang, except for maybe bigger cockles & prawns on the island.

prawn & coagulated pork blood, great combo
prawn & coagulated pork blood, great combo

If you’re a curry mee fan and enjoy a good bowl of spicy curry mee worthy of heighten bowel movement in half a day’s time, this is one you should check out.

The stall opens for breakfast thru lunch. Another choice around the area is Restaurant Okay at SS2 Chow Yang area, but that one commands a long queue & runs out by 9ish usually.

map to Mei Keng kopitiam

Mei Keng kopitiam
42, Jalan 14/48,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.097563, 101.629334

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  1. I’m a super fan of curry mee. I remember this shop and have eaten there but I don’t remember having this curry mee though. Time to revisit! ^_~

  2. KY, I never had Curry Mee before but must I like all curry dishes. Your with all those delightful ingredients in it make it want to eat it.

  3. kekeke rosberg

    mmm… the look on uncle @KY Vampire‘s face says it all !!! #pontianak #currymee #twilight

  4. Oh my! This looks good. I love pig’s blood!!!

  5. As long as I’ve lived here, I’m still not quite used to curry for breakfast. Lunch and dinner yes, but I need something a little simpler to start the day. 😉

  6. Why close? Open else where?

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