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Ask anyone about Apple Strudel, and chances are they’re going to be talking about the famous Corica Pastries in Perth. Yeap, they do serve up an awesome apple strudel (I was fortunate to have a chance to try thanks to Val back in the years), I recently found that you can get an equally mean version of this delicious pastry right here in Klang Valley.

Fruity Cake and Bakery, Klang
Fruity Cake and Bakery, Klang

More specifically, the relatively old and unassuming looking pastry in Klang by the name of Fruity Cake and Bakery.

Best apple strudel in town, at this unsuspecting old school cafe bakery place Fruity Bakery & Cake. #kyeats #applestrudel #klang #cafe

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Fruity Cake & Bakery is no stranger to the locals, the shop has been in operations for decades and serve mainly pastries, cakes, coffee, and a few selected Western dishes such as spaghetti, chicken chops etc.

I’ve been to this place a few times, and to be perfectly honest, the coffee is subpar, the Western dishes looked like it was from the 90s, and the interior decoration fits for a sitcom set up from 20 years ago.

best Apple Strudel I've had in the country
best Apple Strudel I’ve had in the country

What is really awesome tho, is their apple strudel.

A portion goes for RM 6.75 and if you want the whole big box (around 5 pieces?), that’ll be close to RM 30.

It is worth every single cent tho! The pastry is crispy, and the filling is just done perfectly. It doesn’t really play second fiddle to the version at Perth in my opinion, I liked it just as much.

If you’re a fan of this pastry, make a plan to visit Klang.

map to Fruity Cake and Bakery, Klang

Fruity Cake & Bakery
107, Leboh Turi,
Taman Radzi,
41200 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.026957, 101.427942
Tel03-3373 1071

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  1. Very well written. All the very best for further articles. You’re doing a great job.

  2. Pastries look really good!

  3. Yes agree 100%! this is a classic case of “cannot judge a book by its cover”. The shop is very tired and dull looking but the apple strudel is smacking good. I have also tried the corica version, so i am just so happy to find its equal in this unassuming shop. Just looking at the loaf of apple strudel in its specially made box is tantalising.

  4. KY, is not easy to make for they have to rolled the dough out on table till paper thin. I love it from time to time. At work workers always bring lot different kind if pastries for everyone. Some homemade and other store brought.

    • Vickie: you’re a lucky person to have colleagues bringing these good stuff at work!

  5. Yeah, I just saw a friend shared about the bakery recently and I’m planning a trip to Klang for food hunting!

  6. I just ate the best apple strudel ever in Austria and was wondering if I could find something similar in KL.

    • Monica: welcome to Klang 😀

      • But this is not the same as Austrian/central European strudel, which has very thin phyllo type pastry. This is the Australasian strudel, which has a puffy puff pastry type of dough. Not saying one is better than the other, just that they are quite different things.

  7. […] We were stuffed after the tea time treat and the last stop before heading back home was this Fruity Cake & Bakery to get the apple strudel which I’ve read about in KY’s blog. […]

  8. If I’m not mistaken, they used to have a shop in Maju Junction, same concept and menu. They were there for quite some time since the early 2000s, my mother worked nearby and used to tapau the apple strudel for us as a treat. I still recognise the pastry. Thank you for posting this. It’s my dad’s favourite.

    • Azreena: Ooo, didn’t know they did have a branch. Must have been closed quite a while ago then.

  9. the apple strudel used to be good with a sizeable filling of apple slices but now mainly filled with cream and very little apple slices which gave it that acidic tartness to complement the sweetness of the cream. For RM30 per box with very little slices of apple, it is no longer value for money. it is no longer worth to go all the way to Klang from KL to taste a slice of goodness as the taste is now one dimensional sweetness.

  10. M Zulkefli B.A.

    Perfect feedback guys.I work in Sibu. Often back home in Klang for weekends. The Apple Strudel is fully enjoyed by the family. Got to book it a day before if not its out of stock when you arrive at the counter. RM30 for a box of it sliced into 6 pcs. Get at least 2 boxes to make it above your expectation. Cheers.

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