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On one of the earlier visits back to my beloved hometown, Penang, we chanced upon Ping Hooi kopitiam while in search for a meal between lunch and dinner, this was actually due to the fact that both the Pitt Street kuih teow soup I was trying to have and my favorite oyster omelet  were not available.

Tiger Char Kuih Teow at Ping Hooi Kopitiam
Tiger Char Kuih Teow at Ping Hooi Kopitiam

Since the busiest corner at the kopitiam seems to be this char kuih teow stall by the name of Tiger CKT, I ordered myself a plate of this favorite Penang hawker dish of mine.

There’s three versions to choose from – without egg (RM 6), with chicken egg (RM 6.50), and with duck egg (RM 7).

Tiger Char Kuih Teow with duck egg
Tiger Char Kuih Teow with duck egg

Whenever there’s duck egg available for char kuih teow, I never fail choose it. Duck egg always offer that extra richness & creaminess that chicken egg simply won’t match, and the version at Tiger char kuih teow did not disappoint, it was rich, creamy, spicy, and with cockles that were done just so, and prawns that were fresh. This is one of the best CKT you can get below RM 10.

operator even has a company t-shirt
operator even has a company t-shirt

Next time when you head to Penang, remember that awesome char kuih teow aren’t confined to only Lorong Selamat or Siam Road where you have to wait for over half an hour to get a plate of Penang’s best. I for sure won’t mind heading back to this one again.

map to Ping Hooi kopitiam, Penang

Tiger Char Kuih Teow
Ping Hooi Kopitiam

Lebuh Carnavon, Georgetown
10100 Penang
GPS5.414572, 100.334128
Tel: 016-458 0926

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  1. kekeke rosberg

    lol, that stick drawing does not look like tiger. Should be called Donkey CKT #hiak #ckt #giantprawns

  2. Must try this spot.

  3. KY, duck eggs in it is indeed more richer must get some in Asian markets for cooking. I try making own saltly eggs learn from mom. I learn to make rice dumplings.

  4. This is one of the CKT Mr. Ken Hunts Food brought me to during my last Penang trip 😛
    A memorable CKT indeed!

  5. Haha, the Siam Road CKT will have an even longer wait now that it has made it to 14th spot in the top 50 list at the World Street Food Congress 2017! O_o The poor hawker has to go….NO, NO, no photos please, don’t write about me anymore! So, better come here instead, right? 😉

  6. The caricature looks like a horse though. 😀

  7. Tiger’s always been my favourite for CKT in Penang… never Lorong Selamat’s!!

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