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Bak Kut Teh infused with seafood is not exactly a recent invention in the land where this uniquely Chinese-Malaysian dish originated, and of the various different variants of bak kut teh, it is probably the most rare, hence it is no surprise that many bak kut teh fans does not know about the existence of seafood BKT.

Yun Heng kopitiam, at Klang Utama
Yun Heng kopitiam, at Klang Utama

My love for seafood bak kut teh started with Ah Tao at Teluk Pulai, a place where I’ve returned multiple times. Sadly, Ah Tao returned to the maker this past CNY period and the place has been closed down (or on haitus) since.

This prompted me to start looking for another good spot to satisfy that cravings.

After a few attempts with limited success, I think I finally found one that’s worthy to be Ah Tao’s replacement in my book – the unassuming BKT stall at the corner of Restoran Yun Heng at Klang Utama (not far from another one of my go-to Hong Ba + BKT place – Swee Xiang)

fish head, and that glorious bak kut teh with lala
fish head, and that glorious bak kut teh with lala

We went there last weekend when my brother was in town, and for the three of us, we had 1.5 portion of bak kut teh with lala, and another portion of fish head.

The bak kut teh soup really did hit the spot for all of us, it was a perfect balance of hotness, herbal note, and really strong seafood sweetness from the lala. They may not have the variety of seafood available as with Ah Tao, but lala is all you need, especially if it’s done as well as they did here.

fish head also had chicken feet in it
fish head also had chicken feet in it

We didn’t plan to order the stewed fish head dish, but since they were a bit low on pork (we got there past 1:30 pm) and the owner suggested it, I thought why not?

The dish turned out to be pretty good in itself, it was another spicy dish but one with much thicker soup and slightly sweeter in taste. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, the chicken feet in the stew was very good too.

Overall damage was just under RM 20 per person, and I’m 100% sure I’ll be heading back there again for some lala BKT goodness.

Yun Heng bak kut teh Klang Utama map

Restoran Yun Heng
31, Persiaran Sungai Keramat 1B,
Taman Klang Utama, Klang
GPS3.083669, 101.407106
Tel: 016-272 0389

Discuss : KY eats – Lala Bak Kut Teh at Yun Heng kopitiam, Klang Utama

  1. Yes, I’m one of those who have not come across la-la BKT. Great for seafood lovers like me 🙂 Sorry to hear of the demise of Ah Tao. Sadly, my pork seller at the wet market also went back to his maker this CNY and now I can’t get pork at my small wet market 🙁

  2. KY, that bak kut teh look like it got okra in it. Something different that goes with bak kut teh is good and fish head seem tasty by seeing it too.

    • Vickie: that fish version isn’t bak kut teh, only the pork soup version. They’re delicious tho!

  3. I haven’t heard of seafood Bak Kut Teh, but that’s no surprise really considering I’ve only eaten perhaps to handfuls of the dish in my life. 😉

  4. This looks good – I wonder where we might find seafood / la-la bkt closer to KL/PJ 🙂

  5. Lala in the soup would make it so so very sweet – must be really nice.

  6. I almost convinced by your post this time and decide to give seafood BKT a try but when I read “hotness” and I’m a bit disappointed because my daughter can’t take spicy food >_< But I think I can order a portion of non-spicy version of normal pork BKT hor….. 😛

  7. Interesting! Fish head with chicken feet…and lala with BKT…hehehe dennis can whack the BKT and I will whack the lala.

  8. Is it open for dinner?

  9. when is the business operating hours?

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