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A couple weeks ago while getting myself a band saw from a hardware supply shop in Subang SS15, we walked past a restaurant with no name that seems to be enjoying quite a healthy stream of customers. Upon closer inspection, the nameless restaurant is called Uncle Seng, and they just didn’t bother fixing up the sign board that has half its letters fell/worn off.

Uncle Seng at SS15, a short walk from the colleges
Uncle Seng at SS15, a short walk from the colleges

I’ve not heard of Uncle Seng before, but a shabby restaurant that has a good crowd is usually a positive sign, so we went in and took a table.

Uncle Seng noodle at ss15, with unique homemade noodle that’s best go with their sambal, yums #kyeats #nonhalal #noodle #ss15

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Ordering system here is pencil & paper sort of affair, and we ticked our options without too much trouble.  The choices consists of combinations of char siu, wantan, shredded chicken, chicken feet + mushroom, deep fried pork, and curry chicken with their homemade noodle. They’re priced at RM 7 to RM 10 depending on your choice of combo.

what ingredients do you want on your plate?
what ingredients do you want on your plate?

For lunch, I chose chicken feet with mushroom + charsiu wantan while Haze had the noodle with deep fried pork plus charsiu.

The order did take some 15 minutes to arrive, and at first, we thought while the texture of homemade noodle was good, the overall taste was pretty average. It was not until the owner came over and informed us that the unique thing here is their chili sauce, and that you have to mix it all in.

Well, that sure made a whole lot of difference. The chili sauce give the otherwise muted tasting noodle dish quite a kick and added dimension, it was quite enjoyable.

mixing the chili sauce up is the way to go here
mixing the chili sauce up is the way to go here

At the end, it was clear to us that there isn’t a secret why this place is packed even in a lazy rainy afternoon over the weekends. If you’re around the area, Uncle Seng is worth a try, they have a branch at Puchong too.

map to Uncle Seng noodle at SS15

Restoran Uncle Seng
68, Jalan SS 15/4b, Ss 15,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
GPS3.076391, 101.588652
Tel012-254 6482

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  1. kekeke rosberg

    Have to add chilli sauce to start the party??? That means not enough #lard #kekeke

    Also wahh, ah uncle getting better at filming with one hand and cooking, eating, tossing (err noodles lol) with the other hand #skill #vine

  2. For me there’s always something appealing about ‘homemade’.

  3. The noodles here look thick…almost like cho pan meen. So, must mix in with chilli sauce…what happens if the person don’t like chilli sauce?….kekeke! ;D

  4. Ekkkkkk!!! I’d want it all…except the chicken claws. LOL!!!

  5. Do you mean the noodle is quite bland without the chili sauce? Then it’s not suitable for kid that can’t eat spicy food lor, hehe ^__^

  6. Hi, KY.

    Uncle Seng opened around year 2010. The reason they called Uncle Seng, because the owner name is Uncle Seng.. xD He had been serving awesome handmade noodle. He is actually famous in SS15, SJ; to most of the students whom studied in SJ.

    They used to sell plain noodle and only char siew noodle only. Now, he had variety of noodle..

    • JS: Interesting! I was a student at SS15 too but that was before the turn of millennium :/

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