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Prawn mee is only called prawn mee if you’re in Klang Valley, which is a bit funny since it is a dish that is originated from Penang, and up North we always called it Hokkien mee. It is unfortunate that Hokkien Mee is referred to something that looks like a plate of greased up worm instead of this glorious bowl of some of the finest creations from the Hokkien clan.

Heng Lee kopitiam at Sungai Way
Heng Lee kopitiam at Sungai Way

Anyway, today I want to introduce to you one of my latest hawker find, the prawn mee stall at Sungai Way, first made aware to me by one of my instagram followers. A hawker stall at Heng Lee kopitiam located right opposite Sungai Way morning market on the main road with the entrance from Federal Highway.

glorious bowl of Penang style prawn mee
glorious bowl of Penang style prawn mee

For RM 6, you get a bowl of prawn mee with all the proper ingredients such as prawn, boiled egg (a whole egg in this case), pork slices, kangkung, bean sprout, your favorite noodle/meehun, and even a few slices of fish paste which I don’t really care much about. The chili paste here is pretty decent, but the stand out part of this dish would be the broth, which I thought was really on point.

One thing to note, this stall serves Penang Laksa instead of prawn mee on Wednesday, something which I thought is a bit of a funny dish for breakfast, but whatever rock your socks. Give it a try if you’re a fan of these dishes.

map to Heng Lee kopitiam, Sungai Way

Heng Lee Kopitiam (opposite wet market)
611 Jalan SS 9a/1,
Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.086479, 101.620678
Hours: breakfast

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  1. aiyo, fans of the ‘greased up worms’ will not be happy with your remarks about their favourite hokkien mee 😀 personally i also prefer to call this one prawn mee, cos that’s what it is, heheh 🙂

  2. The broth sure looks luscious.

  3. kekeke rosberg

    oi, penang assam laksa is best, dont bad mouth it, keke

    i call penang mentri besar to strip away your penangite medal award then you know, keke

  4. This post makes me so sad. The only place selling Penang har mee here – so very nice, nicer than any that I had before In Penang, has called it a day. No more here. Sobssss!!!

  5. I had a prawn me without hard boiled egg last Sunday and the soup is very salty >_<

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