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A user commented that ever since I moved to Shah Alam, there’s been an influx of Shah Alam & Klang food entries with very few on PJ/KL, so here’s one that I thought is quite timely – the HK style Yung Kee Beef Noodle at Restoran Kwai Hup, Pudu.

UPDATE 02-07-2018: Yung Kee has moved to its own shop just a stone’s throw away at 21, Jalan Kancil

Yung Kee Beef Noodle at Restoran Kwai Hup
Yung Kee Beef Noodle at Restoran Kwai Hup

This is certainly not a new establishment, but one of the really popular hawker eateries that I found out only recently via one of my colleagues.

A bit of research revealed that the proprietor spent quite a large chunk of his life in HK and brought the recipe back to Malaysia. The result is a version of beef noodle that is just slightly different from what we are used too. The broth is a little closer to the tangkak version, while the meat and innards are “fall off the bone” soft.

the default mixed beef (牛扎) with soup
the default mixed beef (牛扎) with soup

Quite a few versions of beef noodle is available here.

Standard “ngau lam” style starts at RM 8 and comes with meat, brisket, and beef balls. Portion of beef is rather generous, and the melt in your mouth texture is really hard to beat. This place is becoming one of my favorites right after the first try, and I’ve returned for a few other visits since.

you can order just tendon, soft and tender tendon
you can order just tendon, soft and tender tendon


If you’re like me who loves really tender beef tendon, you’re in luck. RM 12 gets you a bowl of beef noodle with nothing but tendon cut in scallop size. Heaven on earth is what this is about, I had this on my first visit and will dream about the beef tendon every now and then.

there's also "American Fat Beef", Angus I suppose
there’s also “American Fat Beef”, striploin I suppose

If you want to get a bit more fancy, they have a RM 25 portion of “American Fat Beef 美国肥肉”, or striploin for your enjoyment. We tried this last weekend and thought while it was good, the striploin doesn’t separate itself as a much more superior product than their regular beef/innards, which was already very very good.

Additionally, I’ve read that they have Angus beef every now and then (especially on weekends) if you want to indulge yourself further more. Feel free to ask for recommendations.

For me though, I’ll be back for their regular “ngau lam” with extra tendons pretty often from now on, I suspect.

map to Kwai Hup kopitiam, Yung Kee Beef Noodle

Yung Kee Beef Noodle
Restoran Kwai Hup
24, Jalan Kancil, Off Jalan Landak
55100 Pudu, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.136191, 101.712989
Tel: 012-215 8009
Hours: 8 am to 2-3 pm

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  1. KY, never had beef noodle soup from Hong Kong but in Taipei. The one you showed seem made with some brown bean paste in it. Taipei one is darker and different spices they used. But in all taste good no matter what way it made. My friend who live in the East bay in Richmond told me all most every day she walked to bus stop in morning there a pack of wild turkeys blocking the pathway. She try to shoo them but they won’t moved till she said Thankgiving is around the corner and they run off quick. Some times deers in the pathway too They stood there having staring contest with people . People stare back and they ran away..

    • Vickie: I love little stories like this, I bet turkey can smell what’s cooking in the oven during Thanksgiving.

  2. immature 2.0

    ah uncle need to beef up his food reviews again in PJ/KL since moooving to Shah Alam…

  3. Oh dear, i shall bookmark this!

  4. Used to have really good beef noodles in the area in the mid-80’s, Jalan Petaling coffee shops. Have not been for ages, so congested so I would just stay away.

  5. wahhh..look at the broth!

  6. Oh dear, the menu is in Chinese…I’ll have problems ordering. I like to eat ngau lam meen but my family not so much….how? Hehe! 😉

  7. This looks seriously good! I like my tendon with a bit texture but I’m ok with soft tendon too 😛

  8. Jackie Yew · Systematic College Kuala Lumpur
    This afternoon i went there with my friend & 2 years old baby. The auntie waitress not very polite to serve us & tell us there is no more steam custard egg but we still see there are keeping in the fridge. Since we saw alot of empty chairs & just stack 3 chairs higher for 2 yrs old baby but at the end that rude aunties telling us in front of so many customers not to take so many chairs for baby to seat as there will be many customer coming to dine in later. Earlier we cant find any baby chair around then at the end that auntie instruct us to go & take baby chair ourself. This is so called ‘GOOD’ service we get from that shop. Besides, she also bring in 4-5 customers to seat at our tables as I haven’t finished my beef noodle yet. As far as i know their noodle is not very tasty as comparing with desa sri hartamas ‘Yat Ko’ and jalan tun h.s lee ‘Soong Kee’. If anyone whom wanted to go just need to double consideration of your trip to there.

    • jackie: won’t doubt your experience, the place tends to get very busy and isn’t exactly offering the best customer service. The whole sharing table part is very “HK like” too.

  9. thanks for your helpful tips – just to let you know that you need to get to this place before 12pm – food runs out after that and they don’t do dinner.

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