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After getting down from the Mt. Kinabalu climb, we decided that the best course of rehab from all that physical exertion was spending a few nights at Kundasang. The area is close to 2000 meters above sea level with temperature that’s about 10-20 celsius, and a scenery worthy of postcards, so why not?

The only thing left to do then is, where do we go for dinner?

best non-halal meal to have near Kinabalu Park or Kundasang
best non-halal meal to have near Kinabalu Park or Kundasang

So we consulted our mountain guide and they came up with the suggestion for 89 Station, which is conveniently located only about a kilometer from Kinabalu Park entrance, and coincidentally, also pretty close to our hotel – Nik Gold (which was an “ok” place to stay.)

89 Station is one of the few places that offers “tai chao” style dishes that features quite a variety of dishes, including wild boar, deer, ostrich, and more.

black pepper ostrich, clay pot beancurd, fish maw soup
black pepper ostrich, clay pot beancurd, fish maw soup

The menu came in the form of a giant blackboard on the wall, and the server is pretty well-versed in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and probably several other languages.

We went there twice for dinner, tried 5 dishes in total, including black pepper ostrich, clay pot beancurd, fish maw soup, wild boar with salted egg yolk, and yau mak vegetable. Prices are pretty reasonable at RM 10-15 per dish and portion is rather big as well (which is why we ordered only two dishes 2nd time around)

wild boar with salted egg, yau mak
wild boar with salted egg, yau mak

Most importantly though, the quality of food is well above average. One thing though, if you haven’t had vegetables from Kundasang, you absolutely have to, they are crunchy, sweet, and really come close to those fancy imported Japanese produce you’d find in up class restaurants in KL.

The restaurant opens from about 9 or 10 am till 8pm (it gets dark much earlier in Sabah), so give it a try if you’re around the area.

map to 89 station, Kundasang

89 Station Restaurant
AH 150 Highway
(1 km from Kinabalu Park Entrance)
Kundasang, 89308 Sabah
GPS5.999966, 116.546559
Tel08-888 1300

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  1. I am glad to read this blog, I am still learning ..thaks

  2. KY, I thought you ended up with local cuisines but food is Chinese fusion. It was high end type of food. The games meats seem so interesting like ostrich dish with black pepper which I make with at home with beef instead.

  3. KY, my guy now will try to get some exotic meats special games store for cooking at home now. We try salted egg boar. I told him no bear meat please.

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    food is looking so delicious and yummy. this has made me so hungry.

  6. Black pepper ostrich? Looks yum. I hope you didn’t eat Chickaboo! ;D

  7. Wild boar with salted egg, now that’s new. Ostrich looks really good.

  8. Looks like a good place to fuel up for the long hike.

  9. I only had my meal at cafe in our resort during my stay at Kundasang.

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