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Ever since we moved to Shah Alam, Setia City Mall has became our go-to shopping mall for movies and access to certain brands that we like, since it is basically the closest decent shopping center to us.

Now Haze will complain that I am one of the most insufferable person when it comes to choosing for food in malls as I usually prefer old-school eateries, but for this place, we’ve found a perfect venue that satisfy both of us – at Mr. Tuk Tuk

Mr. Tuk Tuk, the place we dined most often at Setia City Mall
Mr. Tuk Tuk, the place we dined most often at Setia City Mall

Located at the lower ground level, Mr. Tuk Tuk is a rather small fast serving restaurant that offers Thai food. At first glance, it doesn’t look particularly “authentic” or fancy, just another one of cookie cutter mid price range sort of eatery. But look closer, and you’ll notice that the workers are mostly Thai, and the place is almost always packed.

tuk tuk noodle, fried chicken wing, beef salad
tuk tuk noodle, fried chicken wing, beef salad

Most dishes here are catered for individual consumption, with a few “center plate” style suitable for sharing. Most dishes hovers around RM 7.80 to RM 10.80, very reasonable in a shopping mall setting.

For noodle lovers, their pad thai (RM 7.80) is one of the best I’ve tried in Malaysia, packed a punch and beautifully presented too. They also offer glass noodle and “tuk tuk noodle” which is similar to boat noodle (but actually filling) at the same price.

set meal, pad thai, beef salad, tomyam
set meal, pad thai, beef salad, tomyam

Tomyam fried rice (RM 7.80) and pineapple fried rice (RM 9.80) were very decent choices as well, both tasted strong and properly seasoned. Then there’s other classic Thai single-dishes like basil chicken and basil beef (RM 9.80 each) if you feel like having steamed rice.

We also always order something to share as well. Tomyam and tom kha (chicken RM 7.80 to seafood 10.80) will not disappoint any Thai food lover, but if you want something out of the ordinary, try their beef salad (RM 10.80), slices of very lightly cooked beef marinated in a sort of sourish seasoning that is also littered with plenty of chili padi. It is very strong, spicy, and absolutely delicious.

red ruby, steam sotong, tom kha, thai honey chicken
red ruby, steam sotong, tom kha, thai honey chicken

If you’re at Setia City Mall or anywhere near it, give this place a try. I hope they open up branches at other places as well. Good Thai food is always welcomed in my book!

map to setia city mall, shah alam

Mr Tuk Tuk
LG-69, Setia City Mall,
Persiaran Setia Dagang,
Setia Alam,
40170 Shah Alam, Selangor
GPS: 3.085229, 101.458629
Tel: 03-3362 5738
Hours: 10 am to 10 pm

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  1. i’ve only been to setia city mall once! hmmm, the pad thai looks and sounds very good! i think there’s a mr tuk tuk in publika, so maybe i should check out that branch 😉

  2. KY, tuk tuk like some sort of tail from Thailand. I still got a lot to learn of Thai food only try pad tai and green papaya salad . Took some of friends to a Thai resturant and they could not handle the spice and heat of the dishes but love the taste. I like heat and spice very much.

    • Vickie: Thai food is usually quite spicy but you can ask them to reduce the heat tho.

  3. Looks good! I would definitely try this next time… eyeing the beef salad and pad thai 😉

  4. Irvine Chin

    lovely food! catchy name

  5. Generous amount of sliced beef for that salad !

  6. Thais here looks good.. but so far for me to go la 😛

  7. The Thai taxi! Everything looks really great, lovely presentations…and so cheap! I love Thai!!!

  8. one of my fav eh. simple and price is on the cheaper side.

  9. immature 2.0

    thank you uncle KY for nice post once again, me love you looooooooong time…

  10. Good and cheap Thai food is always welcome in my books too 🙂

  11. I don’t recall seeing any beef salad in thai during my trips… that sucks coz i’m a huge fan of that dish!

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  13. It all looks yummy! Well priced too.

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