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Earlier this year I blogged about our white water rafting experience at Gopeng with Nomad Adventure, now I shall share what to eat after you’ve had a morning of fun getting wet at the river.

Mi Kari Ami Gopeng
Mi Kari Ami Gopeng

To be fair, Nomad Adventure does offer food after the whole ordeal, but if you want something slightly more exciting, the closest option would be Mee Kari Ami, just minutes of drive away.

Mee Kari, with home-made sauce
Mee Kari, with home-made sauce

Mee Kari Ami is probably the most happening place in this otherwise sleepy kampung. The old fashion restaurant offers mee kicap, mee sup, and laksa in addition to mee kari. Each bowl costs RM 4, but if you go for “special”, it’ll be RM 5.50, and “besar” is RM 6.50.

with crackers and fish cake
with crackers and fish cake

We went for their ordinary version of Mee Kari which comes with crackers, fish cakes, and some sort of homemade chili sauce which gives it a bit of a kick, but not overly so. To be fair, it wasn’t the absolute best curry mee I’ve ever had, but it was one hell of a satisfying meal after a day at the river.

If you had a chance at Gopeng for some white water rafting or other activities, give this place a try.


map to mee kari ami, Gopeng

Mee Kari Ami
Kg Gunung Mesah Hilir
GPS4.455381, 101.188503

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  1. KY,wonder if I could make this dish? The crackers might be able to get at grocery stores or look for recipe to make it. Sauce look like sweet and spicy.

    • Vickie: sauce is certainly sweet & spicy, and yes I think you can make this at home, not sure if it’ll taste the same but worth a try.

  2. immature 2.0

    Mi Kari Ami Hari Hari Mari Mari

  3. PS I gone rafting with my guy and friends it was awesome. Now weather is great for many typed of sports. Love fishing and crabing the most.

  4. I love these quaint kampung places – some do have some pleasant surprises sometimes.

    • suituapui: yeah, and you get a slice of the kampung life out of it while having a meal, perfect.

  5. I like the greenery. It’s nice eat outside with a few trees.

    • immature 2.0

      for the sun shine on me,
      crouching tiger,
      hidden kerbau.

      • immature 2.0

        for the sun shines on me,
        padi fields vast like ocean,
        crouching Tiger,
        hidden Kerbau.

    • The Yum List: that’s true, tho not anywhere near the luxury that you’re accustomed to 😀

  6. I’d still prefer our own curry mee 😛

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