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I’m a bit of a fan of wantan mee, after all, it is one of the first “good” hawker dishes I tried when first moved to Klang Valley from Penang. Quality of wantan mee here in Central Peninsular Malaysia is like char kuih teow in Penang, you don’t often get disappointed.

That being said, there are those that stands out from the crowd, and if you find yourself in Klang, this particular nameless wantan mee stall is the one that definitely deserves some attention.

Update 6/4/2019: They’ve  moved to Lorong Raja Bot nearby

nameless wantan mee stall at Jalan Gelugor, Klang town
nameless wantan mee stall at Jalan Gelugor, Klang town

The wantan mee stall is located along Jalan Gelugor in the heart of Klang town, just a stone’s throw away from the relatively famous sei ngan chai bak kut teh “restaurant”. The whole place consists of poorly erected zinc roof and furnished with plastic chairs and tables with a dining temperature that’s at least 5 Celsius hotter than being directly under the sun.

Yet, it is always packed.

glorious wantan mee, I ordered extra wantan
glorious wantan mee, I ordered extra wantan

But if you have an appetite for good wantan mee, order a plate, and with some patience, you’ll get to see it in front of you in about 30-45 minutes, just as when you’ve lost a whole KG of sweat by sitting there.

I had mine with extra wantan that is served in a soup, and well, it was worth it!

the wantan is what make this place special
the wantan is what make this place special

The noodle is fine yet springy, soaking up those perfectly balanced sauce that carries a hint of lard. The wantan is something else, they’re rather small but packs a punch in flavor, most likely due to the marinade/seasoning in the meat and that they’re made fresh almost just before serving.

The charsiu isn’t the strong point here, but forgivable considering how good everything else tasted.

I think I’ll be willing to revisit despite the crowd and the heat.

Jalan Gelugor Klang wantan mee map

Wantan Mee Stall
Jalan Gelugor,
Meru, Klang
GPS: 3.050704, 101.450404

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  1. immature 2.0

    dang, uncle, you know when the wantanmee is dang chunn when the shop has no name, and its customers dont mind being baked under hot hot roof. For me ah, i think i will tapau and eat near longkang….

  2. So this is literally good wantan mee….as in wantan…and mee….not char siew! 😉 Not sure if I’d be willing to bake under the hot sun for this! 😀

  3. KY, I would not be able to stay in hot sun too long and would head indoor for a cold soba noodle instead. Right now night market is getthing pretty popular in Hawaii. Due day time heat all people even tourists enjoyed shopping and eating at the night market like in Taiwan. Wantan mee got have indoor where it cooler. Not too hungry in hot weather.

  4. The post really awesome and delicious foods

  5. Oh…I can feel the hotness …. like my chicken baked in the oven >_<

  6. Sean EDKL

    gosh … i think it would take me an hour to drive to klang, and then another 45 min wait for the food, and then an hour to drive back … but the wantans do look deliciously worth it! 😀

  7. Sure look good. I like how neatly dressed the guy is.

  8. Famous? I don’t think so but people talks about it. Not exactly the best actually.

  9. The noodles look like any other but the wantan looks good

    They should replace those low height zinc roofs with simpler removeable shade sails with high ceiling or something similar. Prevents build up of hot air and heat radiation from the zinc roofs

    • Z: something tells me they’re not going to fix whatever is not profitable. hahaha.

  10. Doesn’t look that good… ie. not caramalized enough.. but I’d take your word for it!! hehe

  11. woahhh.. ooo nyah boh?

    will want to go and try . ..

  12. I still prefer Heng Kee Wan Tan Mee which you posted in December 2014. That’s always my favorite place.

  13. moved to lorong raja bot into a shop. no longer need to sweat buckets! yes!

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