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Ikan Bakar is one of the type of local dish that has its name completely wrong. If you translate it to English, ikan = fish, bakar = burn (or grill if you stretch it). But instead of grilling on open fire, ikan bakar these days is more like frying on a flat pan with a sheet of banana leaf in between. Which is just the way we like it.

Kat Jat Ikan Bakar, Jalan Bellamy
Kak Jat Ikan Bakar, Jalan BellamyΒ 

A few months ago I wrote my first article on Jalan Bellamy’s ikan bakar stalls at Mak Alang, and while it was a pretty good experience, we only went there because the consensus best ikan bakar stall at the area – Kak Jat Ikan Bakar, was already packed to the brim. This time around, we made sure we’re early enough to get a table.

quite a good variety of other dishes as well as ikan bakar
quite a good variety of other dishes as well as ikan bakar

Like most ikan bakar places, Kak Jat also offers a variety of different other dishes ala nasi campur style. Grab a few of these, order some fish to go with, pick your sambal of choice, grab some rice, and you’re good to go.

the tilapia (on the right) was surprisingly awesome
the tilapia (on the right) was surprisingly awesome

As far as choice of fish goes, you get pari (stingray), kembung, terubok, tilapia, and more. I felt that the fish here was prepared with that extra umph to it, the skin seemed crispier with the marinate they have that is different from others.

I’m not a big tilapia fan, but if you’re at Kak Jat, do yourself a favor and order it, they are pretty special. The tilapia skin here is a chunk of coagulated spices & marinate in which we had no idea what they are made of, but so-so delicious! Give it a try!

asam pedas with stingray (bottom right) was one of my favorites
asam pedas with stingray (bottom right) was one of my favorites

On the side dishes, other than the usual ulam, I also really enjoyed the asam pedas (stingray with salted vegetable curry), I felt that their version here is almost as good as the one at Kampung Baru Man’s Cafe Asam Pedas.

And before I forget, the grilled squid here is definitely worth ordering as well.

makcik makcik agreed that this ikan bakar stall is the best
makcik makcik agreed that this ikan bakar stall is the best

Overall, we had a great lunch and a bucket of sweat, but it was worth it. If you’re heading to Jalan Bellamy for ikan bakar, this is the stall to check out.

map to ikan bakar at Jalan Bellamy

Kak Jat Ikan Bakar
Jalan Bellamy
Kuala Lumpur
GPS:Β 3.130557, 101.694670

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  1. PandanKia

    Why no price?


    Must be freaking expensive shitz.

    • PandaKia: that’s cos it was paid by a colleague, but yes, I imagine it won’t be very cheap, as ikan bakar meals usually go.

  2. So which one is tastier – this one or Mak Alang

  3. KY, these seafood look so good and well seasoned. I like stingray the most for lot of meat on it. Having grill fish for a meal sound great to me.

  4. immature 2.0

    Its not Kat Jat, its Kak Jat ahhhh! Aiyoo uncle, first start losing hair, now eyesight getting old also liaooooo hehehehehehhehe

  5. Love the ones over at your side. Here, they bury the fish with the sambal and grill, drowns out the natural taste.

    • suituapui: oOo the sambal style is good for a change but you’re right, may drown the natural taste of the seafood.

  6. Wow what a delicious feast! Been a while since I had ikan bakar…. you have tempted me!

  7. That tilapia does look awesome and I can see the crispness in the skin. What are their business hours like?

  8. I am drooling after seeing grilled squid, do they have many options for it?

    • Ricky: not a lot of options for how they prepare the squid, probably no option at all but it’s plenty delicious enough!

  9. Looks like a friendly place for a good meal. πŸ™‚

  10. wah lau.. the sotong so big

  11. This place has amazing atmosphere n character,excellent seafood with unbelievable price real value for money I had 1x huge squid, 1x plate of grilled prawns (L) 1x stingray, 1 x plate of scrumptious cockles with coconut drink @ RM59 omg yummylicious πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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