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Over the CNY break and in conjunction to having my whole family staying over, we decided to bring mom to Khunthai for dinner, since Thai food is one of mom’s favorite cuisines aside from traditional Chinese fair. It turned out to be a pretty good decision.

Khunthai at Klang
Khunthai at Klang with my family

Khunthai is located at a rather remote area in Klang via KESAS highway, but fortunately it is rather simple to navigate to since it is just one straight long ghetto farming road to the rather lavishly built restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Forget about going there if a low-riding sports car is your only mode of transportation, but otherwise you’ll get there just fine after cursing at how bumpy the road is for about 5 minutes.

This seems to be the theme with Thai restaurants, Mae Salong in Sungai Petani, and De Cheingmai at Sungai Buloh are both located at pretty obscure locations.

miang kham, seafood tomyam, chicken feet salad
miang kham, seafood tomyam, chicken feet salad

The menu is pretty extensive and covers all bases when it comes to Southern style Thai food. The restaurant is also pork free.

For the 5 of us, we ordered miang kham, chicken feet salad, and raw prawn salad to open up our appetite.

For those who’re not familiar, miang kham is a type of traditional Thai appetizer where you wrap a bunch of ingredients such as crushed peanut, shallot, ginger, lime, and so on with a Piper sarmentosum leaf. If you haven’t had this before, it is definitely something to try.

Raw prawn salad and chicken feet salad were both pretty spot on as well.

raw prawn salad, lala, kangkung belacan
raw prawn salad, lala, kangkung belacan

To go with rice, we also had Thai style lala, kang kung belacan, and seafood tomyam. While the kangkung belacan was perhaps a little too oily for my liking, lala & tomyam did not disappoint. One thing to note though – have your lips prepared for how hot the food can get.

safe to say we enjoyed ourself really well at Khunthai
safe to say we enjoyed ourself really well at Khunthai

To be fair, there are other comparable Thai restaurants in the city with better access and similar pricing, but there’s always a bit of fun to travel to a god forsaken place from time to time for a dining experience that is just slightly different from the ordinary.

map to Khunthai Klang

Khun Thai
6, Jalan Kg Air Hitam,
Taman Pendamar Indah 1,
42500 Klang, Selangor
GPS2.960457, 101.439903
Tel: 03-3081 3308

Discuss : KY eats – Authentic Thai at Khunthai, Klang

  1. KY, ong choy is my fav vegetable which sometime called swamp spinach. I cooked with shrimp paste my family does lot time. Raw prawn salad is something I would like to try. In Hawaii we have shrimp poke which almost like raw prawn salad.

  2. ooo, i live in sri petaling, and my place basically faces the kesas highway, so all i have to do to get here is go from one end of kesas to the other end … one straight road, no detours 😉

  3. immature 2.0

    lol @ Khunthai… must be careful with pronunciation…

    and raw prawn salad… all i see is ice hehehehehehe

  4. I don’t mind a bit of adventure in finding dinner. 😉

  5. This place sure needs no introduction, their outlet in Penang is good too.

  6. Which reminds me.. haven’t had Thai in agessssss.. will bring the man ! hehe

  7. Half the fun would be trying to find the place in the dark along a lonely road although I think gps takes the mystery away these days

  8. I do like Thai food but miang kham is one I don’t seem to embrace. I tried it once and that was it! 🙁

  9. immature 2.0

    uncle: “Yes bring me to Khunthai please”
    taxi driver: “Oh… oh ok Patpong…”
    uncle: “No no, Khunthai”
    taxi driver: “Yes yes i know, Patpong…”
    uncle: “KHUNTT THAIIII”

  10. I never try raw prawn salad and too skeptical to try it too 😛

  11. Can we do & wish celebrate birthday at this place?
    just asking…tq

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