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I’ve been reviewing quite a few Klang bak kut teh since we moved to Ken Rimba at Padang Jawa, which is just a couple kilometers away from Klang, but today, let’s look at Teck Kee bak kut teh at Subang Permai, a location that is closer to those of you who stay at the likes of Bukit Jelutong or Subang Airport.

Teck Kee Bak Kut Teh at Subang Permai
Teck Kee Bak Kut Teh at Subang Permai

To be honest, I’ve heard about this place for quite a while but the location has always been a bit of a mystery, until we ventured into the area for something completely unrelated did I realized this was the “famous bak kut teh” in Kampung Subang area.

The set up is typical of most bak kut teh shop, basic plastic tables & chair with hot water (this one electrical) supply for those who likes to have bak kut teh with tea. So far, so good.

big bone - single serving clay pot bak kut teh
big bone – single serving clay pot bak kut teh

For just myself, I ordered “tua kut”, or big bone in a clay pot to go with rice, they also serve ginger wine chicken, and dry version of bak kut teh, but I guess I’ll have to try those some other time. Minced garlic and chopped chili padi is available as condiments, which is always good.

I didn't leave anything behind, was a happy diner
I didn’t leave anything behind, was a happy diner

While the soup isn’t as thick as some of the Klang’s versions, the pork at Teck Kee is stewed to perfection, not overly soft yet soaked up with plenty of herbal essence as it should. The soup has a good balance to it and I was more than satisfied to finish it all and asked for extras, which they complied without batting an eyelid.

Overall it was more than worthy, if you’re within 5-10 kilometer radius, this is a definitely a good bak kut teh place to check out.



Subang Permai Teck Kee bak kut teh map


Teck Kee Bak Kut Teh
Ground Floor, 25, Jalan Alfa D U6/D,
Pusat Perdagangan Subang Permai,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
GPS: 3.138447, 101.527017
Tel012-979 2446


Discuss : KY eats – Teck Kee Bak Kut Teh, Subang Prima

  1. KY this bak kut teh seem good for one person. With rice you had a nice meal. What is the dry version of bak kut teh? Do you eat it still with rice?

    • Vickie: yah, you do, they basically reduced the soup but also add dried chili, dried cuttlefish, and dark soya sauce to it. Slightly spicier version in a way.

  2. KY, I think you should do bak kut teh tours for the uninitiated… like me. 😉

    • The Yum List: tho it is tough to have more than one BKT per day. lol.

      • immature 2.0

        BKT breakfast meal 1, then zoom zoom motogp style on uncle KY’s bike, like terror wan, then onto BKT meal 2, yes yes i can create itinerary. It will be very exciting BKT food tour for sure wan.

  3. Woah looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it when i come over from Singapore.

  4. Not familiar wit this area. Thanks for the bkt tip

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