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Last night we found ourselves at Subang Empire Mall looking for a place for dinner, partly thanks to the rain. We walked around abit on the lower ground floor and came across Ole Ole Bali. Well, the interior looked  nice, and there’s quite a healthy crowd, on top of that, a 10% discount for Public Bank credit/debit card, so we stepped in.

Ole Ole Bali at Subang Empire
Ole Ole Bali at Subang Empire

Now I’ve walked past Ole Ole Bali plenty of times, and for some reasons, the (wrong) preconception that “Balinese food with no babi guling can’t be any good” always prevented me to give it a try. Well, I’m glad we finally did.

I always gravitate towards Ole Ole Bali whenever I'm overly hungry and can't decide what to eat at Empire Mall. With the super thick avo jus now I'm overly stuffed… *burp* . #kyeats #halal #oleolebali #empiremallsubang #balinese @oleole_bali

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As it turned out, this is the same chain that ran Bumbu Bali, a restaurant in Puchong that was featured in this blog 10 years ago. I remembered that they offered pretty good food, but haven’t been back many times since thanks to Puchong being one of the least accessible places on the planet if you aren’t a fan of getting stuck in traffic.

nasi campur, with beef, prawns, squid, fish, and more
nasi campur, with beef, prawns, squid, fish, and more

Well, anyway, the restaurant is certainly better than the one I went to 10 years ago. Decoration, comfort, and choices in menu are all superior.

I ordered the nasi campur while Haze had sup buntut.

The nasi campur (RM37) came with grilled lemongrass prawns, squid, fish, beef (you can also have chicken), and sate lilit. Then there’s lawar kacang (beans salad), rempeyek (anchovy crackers), sambel terasi & sambel matah (from raw lemongrass & shallots). It was certainly a huge offering and amazingly everything tasted rather awesome. The seafood grilled to perfection, and they also manage to have the beef soft & succulent. I really liked it. Sambel matah is a revelation and I think we’re going to try to make some at home.

avocado juice & sup buntut
avocado juice & sup buntut

The sop buntut (RM 17) is the authentic Indonesian style oxtail soup that comes with rice cakes (similar to ketupat) and vegetables, It was very flavorful too.

I had the avocado juice to complete my meal and was thoroughly satisfied.

Ole Ole Bali also serves steak, lamb chop, pasta, sandwich and burger in addition to traditional Balinese fair, will surely check them out more in the future.

Empire Mall map

Ole Ole Bali
LG  27, Empire Shopping Gallery
47500 Subang Jaya
GPS: 3.082109, 101.582716
Tel: 03-5022 2629

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  1. KY, have a friend from Indonesia. She coming over my place to cook up some her home dishes. Hope she some the dishes you had too. As for avocado juice I look up a recipe for that.

    • immature 2.0

      uncle, best to translate sup buntut to American for her, please……. ROFL

    • Vickie: home cooked version would be fabulous!

      • KY, there a game store in San Francisco that sell lot
        versions, bears, mooses, etc. Across the bay there deers
        roaming freely everywhere. Once a year deer hunting.

        Being Chinese we eat all kind of things.

        • Vickie: yah that’s true, we indeed eat everything. Over here in Malaysia there’s no deer hunting, but wild boar instead.

  2. Always a overloaded meaty meal at ole-ole Bali >_<

  3. Avocado juice is something I’ve only just recently tried. I may have developed a mild addiction to its creaminess. 🙂

  4. One of my fave spots for Balinese food. Love the sambel…please jio me when you make it at your home:D Gracias!

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