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Over the X’mas and New Year holiday, we went to a friend’s place in Serendah for an overnight excursion and a little bit of R&R, and of course, one of the agendas is to try some of the more unique foods in the area.

If Klang is famous for bak kut teh and Penang for char kuih teow & laksa, then tilapia must be Rawang’s speciality.

R Cheng Tilapia Wantan Mee at Rawang
R Cheng Tilapia Wantan Mee at Rawang

So the next morning, we went to R Cheng Tilapia Wantan Mee to try this rather unique dish only available here.

The restaurant is located in a residential area just a few minutes away from Rawang town center. Seating area is semi-alfresco, with a roof, no walls, and plenty of ceiling fans to keep you somewhat comfortable. While there are quite a few dishes to choose from the menu, the star here is the tilapia.

we ordered all five types of tilapia wantan mee
we ordered all six types of tilapia wantan mee

There are six choices to choose from, and you can have them with rice, or in their unique wantan mee style. We chose the latter and tried all six flavors.

Each dish is priced at RM 13.50 comes with a portion of wantan mee and a small tilapia that’s either steamed of deep fried. The flavors are:

  • 金针 golden mushroom – classic with steamed tilapia, enoki, garlic, & ginger
  • 酱蒸 bean sauce – brown bean sauce with deep fried tilapia
  • 干煎 deep fried – self explanatory, with some chili too
  • 油滑 classic oiled – steamed with soya sauce & oil, plenty of fried garlic
  • 咖喱 curry
  • 东炎 tomyam

the chicken wings pretty good too
the chicken wings pretty good too

The wantan mee was rather good, the fish tasted fresh and flavorful regardless of the preparation method, and the different sauces were all spot on, including the tomyam flavor (usually lacking in Chinese shops). Go for the deep fried version if you struggle with fish bones, otherwise the steamed version gives you slightly more flavors.

Additionally, we also had some chicken wings (RM 3.50 each) to “supplement” the meal. They were pretty good too, crunchy on the outside, juicy inside, with good belacan taste infused.

If you are looking for something special, this is definitely worth checking out.

map to R Cheng Tilapia Wantan Mee, Rawang

Restoran R Cheng Fei Zhou Yu Wantan Mee
No. E-13, Jalan LKS 5,
Kampung Lee Kim Sai,
48000 Rawang
GPS: 3.309852, 101.577027
Tel: 012-304 5671, 016-983 4888

Discuss : KY eats – R Cheng Tilapia Wantan Mee, Rawang

  1. CL (RealGunners)

    Seems like wantan mee is good to go with just about anything! Never imagined wantan mee can be served with fish.

  2. I’ve never even seen tilapia with wantan mee…lol! 😀 I’m just wondering how the wantan mee tastes like with so much sauce (which I know is needed for the fish)…especially those in soya…would it be too salty?

    • eatwhateatwhere: they’ve managed to get the sauce just about right to avoid being too overly strong with the noodle actually.

  3. hehehe. thanx for sharing. a friend was telling me about it yesterday! can’t wait to check it out this weekend!

  4. KY, tilapia whole in bowl or pan with wantan look super big and good.

  5. if i had to choose one, i think it’d be the garlicky classic oiled! 😀

  6. Very unique I must say, sure would love to try that 🙂

  7. Can’t say I’m all that thrilled but sure would not mind trying.

  8. immature 2.0

    only in Rawang you can find KFT, Kentucky Fried Tilapia

  9. The enoki mushroom version quite unique, never heard about this cooking style before.

  10. Are they open for dinner?

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