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After last year’s haitus on Xmas Eve Party, we hosted another one to greet the end of 2015, this time at our new place at Shah Alam.

Xmas eve party 2015 at Shah Alam
Xmas eve party 2015 at Shah Alam

This year we decided to cook a few dishes since we now actually have a kitchen capable of doing so. Haze prepared some meatballs, both Swedish & with tomato sauce, while I prepared some baked potato wedges, chicken wings, and beef stew. We also had some spaghetti to go around, and Kelly also brought some otak otak from Muar as supplement. Plenty of food

xmas eve party gift exchange

The party’s a bit smaller scale this time, we purposely kept it so, plus we didn’t send out the invitation until a week or so before the event. Still, it was nice to be able to spend this occasion with a bunch of friends.

xmas eve party gift exchange

The attendees include Zess, Michael, Liling & Iris, Ken & Mom, Lance & Melissa, Yee Hou, Kelly, Latha, Sheng, Huey Fang & Chan, Haze & yours truly. 16 in all, or 16.5 if you count the one in the oven (Mel). Less rowdy, more chilled, and definitely no need for police/security guard to end the session.

xmas eve party gift exchange

As usual, we had a good time doing the “gift grab” method of exchanging x’mas gift. There were photo frame, whisky, wine, personal hygiene product, portable lamp (damn I wanted it!), star wars memorabilia, and even a fake silver bison skull up for grabs.

Instead of loud rock music, we had x’mas songs on Spotify, and instead of smoking and over drinking, we sipped and ate, guess that’s part of the growing up process? For those who  missed it this time, we’ll try to organize this better next year!

Happy 2016!

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  1. Aloha KY, still in Hawaii and soon back to Calif. Next trip to Tahoe for skis.
    Great powder up the mountain. See your new home very nice and see house party is a must. How the cats liking their new pad?

    • Vickie: that must be nice, sun & beach then snow & mountain. Cat’s doing fine at new place. 🙂

  2. Still hosting your annual house party? I remember Yee Hou. He look so very thin. Can’t say I can recall the rest.

    • suituapui: haha yah we try to keep it a tradition. Yee Hou does a lot of exercise to keep in shape I believe.

  3. Lovely place! i wanna visit one day! LOL 😛

  4. Ahhh… I want that light saber!

  5. Happy New Year to you, Haze and your new home KY! Great fun, but I realized Horng is missing from the group? Just wonder..

  6. immature 2.0

    uncle, i received a 12 inch stormtrooper figure for xmas, and about 5 of those touch rechargeable lamps ROFL

  7. lil_liling

    Haih…no pics. Was busy being moo moo;p

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