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When it comes to bak kut teh, the best recommendation usually comes from those who stay or work very close to Klang, so when Yuki mentioned that we should try out Swee Xiang bak kut teh at Klang Utama, I knew that it was not going to be something special, and indeed it was.

Swee Xiang BKT at Klang Utama
Swee Xiang BKT at Klang Utama

Swee Xiang is located at the less glamorous part of Klang, quite a fair bit away from most residential areas. It is about a 10 minutes drive from Klang town itself, in the light industry area opposite the huge 99 Speedmart warehouse along Jalan Kapar.

It is a typical “kopitiam” type of set up, and being located within an industrial area, parking is plentiful, so that’s definitely a plus.

pork tendon, bak kut teh, curry chicken, vege
pork tendon, bak kut teh, curry chicken, vege

Unlike typical bak kut teh place, Swee Xiang actually offers quite a few differnet dishes. The hong bak here is definitely something that you shouldn’t miss, the soft pork tendon, tofu, and fatty pork knuckle were prepared perfectly with super thick sauce that left me yearn for more.

The bak kut teh is decent but not overly impressive, I’d recommend ordering minimal portion just for completeness and hydration sake.

glorious brunch on a Sunday, can't beat this
glorious brunch on a Sunday, can’t beat this

Interestingly, curry chicken is also one of the more popular dishes here (sort of like Peng Heong paikut offering mutton curry). The version here comes with thick curry broth, soft potato, and juicy chunks of chicken that goes well with steamed rice.

In the interest of taking full advantage of a “cheat day”, we also ordered some intestine & chicken feet to complete the meal. It was quite glorious.

map to Swee Xiang hong bak & bak kut teh

Unfortunately, our session was not 100% complete as the highly recommended pork stomach soup had ran out that day, so it looks like we’ll have to go back there again.

P/S: another good Hong Bak place to check out would be 158 Hong Ba at Pandamaran.

Restoran Swee Xiang
No. 2, Lintang Sungai Keramat 7C
Taman Klang Utama
42100 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.086284, 101.414509
Tel: 016-373 4037, 016-684 9811

Discuss : KY eats – Swee Xiang Hong Bak and BKT, Klang Utama

  1. KY, I didn’t know you can add tofu to bak kut teh. I will try to make some with tofu now. The tendon look so good .

  2. wah.. when i see the tendon hor.. my heart also wobble. 😛 😛 LOVE BKT!!!!

  3. Plentiful parking is always a bonus. 🙂

  4. Wowwww!!!! Business is really good, speaks volumes. Must be very nice. Love the look of the curry.

  5. “it was not going to be something special”, typo?
    The tendon definitely something I would like to order, love the texture!
    Curry chicken at BKT shop really sound interesting!

  6. Do you eat BKT on every weekend?

  7. BKT again!

  8. with lip-smacking food like this, everyday should be a cheat day! 😀

  9. Now that you’re in the home of BKT, it’s obvious that you should indulge in BKT frequently! ;D But I’m glad to see curry chicken here….looks delish. I’ll have the intestines and chicken feet too, thank you but the tendon, no thank you!

  10. immature 2.0

    Waaahhhhhhh…. oh glorious PORK PORK PORK….. is greatest recycling machine EVER

    BKT and curry and smog and Klang weather….. wahhh no wonder so many human internal combustion cases there horrrrrrr

  11. i came here expecting to read ALL about BKT… feel like kena cheated. 😛

  12. There ain’t one week that passes without KY having BKT! You’re the man!

  13. Wah! BKT wo! haha make me hungry now! The 3 layer fat.

  14. ignatio

    Just had lunch over there, splendid hong bak n curry chicken. A friendly n attentive service.

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