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This is the last food entry for our London Trip, and more importantly, the only place that I was recommended to go by my colleague William who went to the same city just weeks before Haze and myself made the trip that was sponsored by Malaysia Airlines – the restaurant chain is, of course, Burger and Lobster.

Burger and Lobster, London
Burger and Lobster, London

While most food in London (in our experience) was rather expensive in comparison with what we get in Malaysia, Burger and Lobster somehow manage to provide a sweet deal that is in a way, cheaper than back home.

As the name suggest, this place only offers Burger and Lobsters. After we sat down, we were presented with a drinks menu and no food menu. You would either choose burger, or lobster (baked or steamed), with each dish priced at £20.

As Asian, it was no surprise that we opted for the crustaceans.

baked or steamed lobster with chips, pick one
baked or steamed lobster with chips, pick one

The lobster dish is very straightforward and simple, you get salad & chips as sides, and butter sauce to go with the seafood. And sometimes simplicity is best when it comes to good quality seafood, the lobster was fresh, succulent, and full of that seafood sweetness. The salad was superb as well, though the chips were again, tastes like deep fried potato cut into thin strips with salt sprinkled on them.

We found that portion was just right as well. If you’re one of the bigger eaters, they do have some bigger sized lobsters instead of the standard 1.5 pounder.

Haze & KY at Burger & Lobster, we certainly enjoyed it
Haze & KY at Burger & Lobster, we certainly enjoyed it

While we went to the branch at Knightsbridge, there are actually quite a number of Burger and Lobster branches in London and a few other cities. If I go back to London again, I will most likely revisit this fantastic chain.

P/S: Pince & Pints is doing something similar in Malaysia, I have yet to give it a try.

Burger and Lobster at Knightsbridge, London Map

Burger & Lobster
Fifth Floor Harvey Nicols
Knights Bridge,
London SW1X 7RJ
GPS51.501666, -0.159802
Tel: +44 2072018676

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  1. That lobster sure is a beauty to behold!

  2. KY, this some what a crabs boil is getting so popular all over and glad London is into it also. Only thing hope they give diners gloves for hands get dirty and smelly afterward. I sometime bring my own for that reason. My vet job no problem so I bring a lot for friends to use also.

  3. CL (RealGunners)

    Really very Asian. I would’ve done the same. Burger and lobster at the same price, only an idiot would go for the former, hahaha! 😀

  4. immature 2.0

    uncle, would be better if can get Burger with Lobster pattie with lobster brain sauce all over mmmmmmm yaammmmeeeeee

    • immature: that one you have to go to pinch and pints!

      • immature 2.0

        ah uncle, this post could have 50-100 post if you order 1x lobster and 1x burger and compare. Yes, some people will cry out No Comparison Food Fight; but i tell you ah uncle, some burgers can be damn kheng wann…

  5. Actually, 20 pounds is a very reasonable price for a lobster set with fries and drink. It’s almost the same price like Pince & Pints here! Yeah, who would choose a burger over lobster….unless the burger is a lobster roll!! 😀

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    Have fun 🙂

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