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To continue on sharing our trip to London, we now talk about one of the more famous names in the food industry – Jamie Oliver. If you don’t know who he is, you either don’t have a TV, or don’t have any friends who has a TV. In either case, google is your friend.

So, since our hotel, Dorsett Sheperd’s Bush, is so near to Westfield London, we thought of giving Jamie’s Italian a try, one of the celebrity chef’s many restaurants in UK.

Jamie's Italian at Westfield London
Jamie’s Italian at Westfield London

The restaurant has a small alfresco dining area, but the bulk of the seats is actually indoor, it is beautifully decorated with a mixture of rustic & classy feel to it. I thought it exudes class above the price point of this establishment.

The menu is fairly straight forward, you have bread & antipasti, a selection of mains & sides, pasta, desserts, and drinks. There’s also kid’s menu as well.

Gennaro's Famous Porchetta, Haze
Gennaro’s Famous Porchetta, Haze

We only sampled two different dishes here at Jamie’s Italian. Haze had the Gennaro’s Famous Porchetta (£13.95), slow cooked pork belly filled wih garlic, chilli & herbs, served with roasted root vegetable, spiced apple sauce, and salsa verde. It tasted healthy and the pork meat portion was pretty good, but ultimately the skin was far too chewy to be edible, I think the Europeans still need to learn from the Chinese on how to roast perfect pork skin.

Stone bass
Stone bass, and I just realized we had an extra item on our bill…

I initially ordered the Venetian Fish Stew, but eventually had to change to one of their specials of the day – Baked Stone Bass (£16.95) due to the unavailability of my initial choice.

The baked bass was beautifully done and sat on a bed of (I assume) mashed potato & radish with cubes of avocado. It was quite balanced and tasted rather good with a bit of extra salt & pepper. I quite liked it.

From the small sample size, I thought Jamie’s Italian was pretty decent for it’s price point. The experience would have been better if I didn’t find out as I write this that the Venetian Fish Stew was actually still in my bill (accidental I think)…… Oh well.

P/S: there’s a branch in Singapore.

map to Westfield London

Jamie’s Italian
Unit 1078

Westfield London,
London W12 7GB, United Kingdom
GPS51.506733, -0.222849
Tel: +44 20 8090 9070

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Discuss : KY eats – Jamie’s Italian, Westfield London

  1. KY nice meal but for Italian food I prefer it made by real Italian chef. Ate a many restaurants in San Francisco to see I like still to try Jamies Oliver but know it his recipe and style still.

    • Vickie: that’s true, his style is more of a balance between healthy eating & flavor, which is quite decent I think.

  2. His Italian joints are everywhere – I know there’s one in Perth. I do wonder why Italian, not British. After all, he’s British. Ah well!!! I guess many of the chefs in our restaurants are Malaysians, never mind Italian, Japanese or whatever.

  3. immature 2.0

    Waaaalaaauu, uncle kena tiok by that pesky naked chef in London! He must have learned that from UK MAS Influenza Exchange Tactics… kekeke

  4. Lesson learnt, must check the bill before paying 😛

  5. CL (RealGunners)

    That’s like his lower end restaurant chain isn’t it? The one where you can walk in instead of having to make reservations 4 months in advance?

  6. Jamie Oliver was my first ever favourite celebrity chef. I learned to cook western food from his cookbooks. Ya, like you, I’ve also encountered “extra” billings when I didn’t check the bill before paying. Looks like these “accidents” happen anywhere! 🙁

  7. I often wonder about how the same restaurant translates in different countries. Now you have to visit the one in Singapore and report back. 🙂

  8. Reload Food

    Wah, you’re in UK now, miss there very much loh~~ great food..

  9. I totally enjoyed my visit to Jamie’s. Actually visited twice. The weekend queue was quite long though but thankfully a fellow runner who was working there kinda cleared a table for me. Hehehe

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