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On the first morning at London, I was brought to one of the more charming little restaurants in town at Bill’s on Clink Street for some good old fashion English breakfast.

Bill's at Clink Street, inconspicuous exterior, beautiful ambiance within
Bill’s at Clink Street, inconspicuous exterior, beautiful ambiance within

The restaurant looks pretty inconspicuous on the outside, but the interior was quite something else. It was beautifully decorated with plenty of old school charm, like something out of a classy old movie. You’d easily be mistaken Bill’s as a quaint family run operation instead of one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in UK.

had a glass of latte to start the day
had a glass of latte to start the day

I started out with a cup of latte, and ordered a glass of tomato juice to accompany my breakfast. The coffee was as good as any, and the bottled tomato juice served here was one of the spiciest I’ve tried, it was quite interesting, now I want to put pepper in those v8 tomato juice I have at home.

vegetarian breakfast, and Bill's big breakfast
vegetarian breakfast, and Bill’s big breakfast

The breakfast menu consists of your usual English selections – bread basket, big breakfast, pancakes, scrambled eggs, egg benedict/royale/florentine and so forth. Micaela, my host for the day, ordered the vegetarian breakfast (£7.95) while I went with Bill’s breakfast (£7.95).

The vegetarian option comes with free range eggs, tomato, hummus, mushroom, guacamole, sweet chilli sauce, basil and toast, while my big breakfast had cumberland sausage, fried free range eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, smoked streaky bacon, and toast as well. Both dishes were beautifully plated and did not disappoint in the taste department. The bacon was crispy and savory, and while I don’t care much about eggs being free range or not, my taste buds were happy with them. It was definitely a good way to start the day.

Borough market at Clink Street
Borough market at Clink Street

We then had a brisk walk by the famous Borough market nearby before heading to the meeting point for the East London Food Tour (next post on that), a thriving old fashion outdoor market with plenty fresh produce and street food on offer. You can find dozens of different cheese, olives, fresh vegetables, flowers, fresh seafood, and more, all for the taking. I almost wished we had a kitchen so I could buy some stuff to cook at night!

map to Bill's restaurant at Clink St, London

Bill’s Restaurant
Victor Wharf, Clink St,
London SE1 9DW, United Kingdom
GPS51.506964, -0.091507
Tel: +44 20 7234 0000

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  1. Oooooo…bacon!!! Now who cares what WHO says! Tsk! Tsk! One BIG breakfast for me please, extra big! 😀

  2. UK’s Bill’s = KL’s Ben’s? 😀 yummm, hummus, guacamole, eggs, bacon 😀

  3. KY, interesting breakfast. Vegetarian breakfast seem very good no bangers or kippers.

  4. Spicy tomato juice really confusing me!!

  5. sew jealous!! how come u went to London without meeeeee hahaha

  6. Yvonne TPV

    Is this the Bill’s from Sydney by Bill Granger?


  8. I love pepper in tomato soup….but in tomato juice…hmmm…must give that a try someday! 😀 I see Greedy Goat….were you greedy?

  9. immature 2.0

    uncle did not sample fehmes duck confit on bread in market??? bwahahahahahahhah….

  10. Paid GBP for big breakfast? Ai mehhhhhh but i guess that iz bery English indeed

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