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Well, I did mention that I am going to try as many bak kut teh places in Klang as possible, right? So here’s another “less famous” places I had the chance to visit several weeks ago – 大肥婆肉骨茶, or LYL FOOD CORNER, which is completely not what 大肥婆肉骨茶 translate to at all.

大肥婆肉骨茶, Taman Berkeley
大肥婆肉骨茶, Taman Berkeley

The bak kut teh restaurant is located somewhere in between the two branches of the more known establishments – Samy & Ah Her, and Mo Sang Kor. It is a single shop lot basic set up, which is similar to probably 90% of the Klang BKT restaurants.

I happened to be the last customer of the day, but lucky me, they happened to still have my favorite cut of the meat available – kahwan.

kahwan, my favorite bkt cut
I was the last customer of the day

The single serving came in claypot with actually rather generous amount of soup, it carries a pretty strong herbal taste with a hint of “tong gwai” taste which I enjoyed. As with most Klang bkt, the meat was tender, and fatty part of pork soft enough to to be cut by the spoon.

大肥婆 did not disappoint actually, it wasn’t as strong tasting as the other two, but the extra amount of soup should cater for those who enjoys slurping down BKT soup. Oh, there’s also fried shallots, which is always good to go with BKT.


map to LYL bak kut teh at Taman Berkeley

Jalan Lang,
Taman Berkeley, Klang
GPS: 3.059388, 101.463141

Discuss : KY eats – 大肥婆肉骨茶 (bak kut teh LYL food corner) at Taman Berkeley

  1. immature 2.0


    wah uncle always overkill on the shallotts wan

  2. Which place in Klang is THE place to go to if one can go there for a day and can try ONE only? The best, the original.

  3. I like the name of this place- 大肥婆…. for some unknown reasons 😀 😀

  4. Oh, fried shallots….the more, the merrier! 😀

  5. KY, when I head to eateries that almost time to close so cleaning up, workers might
    be not in good mood. I ask for certain food on menu and they shouted all out or no more. This is mostly in Chinese places Even at bakeries too.

  6. So have you seen any大肥婆? hehe, lame joke ~~

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