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Having had a couple weeks to test drive the iPhone 6 with U Mobile’s network, I must say that the combination of both the device and the network comes together pretty good in delivering a positive user experience.

I really have very little brand loyalty, the only motto in my consumer life – may the best deal and specifications win. And when it comes to smartphones, my number one priority has always been the camera. Which brings us to the latest offering from Apple – the iPhone 6s.

iphone 6s camera

The latest iPhone has the most significant update to its camera module, with 12 megapixel sensor and optical image stabilisation active on both photo & 4k video shooting, many reviews claim that this is the best camera mounted on a phone at this moment. Which to me, is a very tempting proposition.

U Mobile Microcredit iPhone 6s

With the rise of USD against the Ringgit in recent months, it is not surprising that the price of flagship mobile phones will be quite a fair bit more expensive than they were a year or two ago. That is the unfortunate reality that we are living in.

While many of us will use our credit cards to finance our purchase, and perhaps some has the benefit of utilizing “easy payment” schemes, U Mobile now comes up with an even more attractive plan to enable ownership of latest smartphones with U Mobile MicroCredit, which is available for both prepaid & postpaid users.

U Mobile MicroCredit repayment table

So what is U Mobile MicroCredit?

It is basically a financing plan from U Mobile that doesn’t require a credit card or even down payment. For example, take a look at the table above, if you are to get an iPhone 6S with full selling price at RM 2,25.60 (with GST inclusive) – you can either choose from paying an upfront payment as low as RM 175.60 with a monthly installment of RM 118 for 36 months, or you can loan only RM 1,000 (RM 48 monthly for 36 months), or if you want to pay it all in 12 months, or 24 months, or .. well, you get the drift.

The plan is as flexible as you want it to be, really.

subsidised iphone6s umobile

The good news is, you don’t have to pay for the full price either. The table above shows the subsidised price for the various models of iPhone 6s & 6s+ if you subscribe to the U Mobile iPlans. Monthly fee for the iPlans are basically the number next to the “i” plus 6% GST. These plans are loaded with pretty good data quota too

  • i40 – 1.5 GB (40 mins)
  • i60 – 5 GB (60 mins)
  • i90 – 7 GB (unlimited minutes to all network)
  • i130 – 10 GB (unlimited minutes to all network)

In addition to getting a subsidised price and using U Mobile MicroCredit, there’s another trick up the sleeve in which you can utilize to better afford the latest & greatest iPhone 6S – by trading in the old device.

Here’s how much you can get from trading in (valid from 16/10/2015 to 30/11/2015) –

  • iPhone 6+, RM 1800
  • iPhone 6, RM 1600
  • iPhone 5s, RM 700
  • iPhone 5, RM 400
  • iPhone 5c, RM 150
  • iPhone 4s, RM 100
  • Galaxy Note 4, RM 1050
  • Galaxy Note 4, RM 550
  • Galaxy Note 2, RM 200
  • Galaxy Note 1, RM 200
  • Galaxy S5, RM 450
  • Galaxy S4, RM 250
  • Galaxy S3, RM 150
  • Xperia Z3, RM 850
  • Xperia Z2, RM 500
  • Xperia Z1, RM 300
  • HTC One M8, RM 450

* you also get extra RM 100 rebate if you traie in old iPhone and upgrade to iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus.

With all these info, now it’s the time to whip out the calculator (or fire the calculator app on your smartphone, of course) to figure out the financial route to owning arguably the best camera phone there is on the market. Head to for more info.

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  1. This the latest due to come out tomorrow or when? Heard somebody already queuing yesterday or the day before, not sure where – Kuching maybe. Would be a lot easier to just take up this package, eh?

    • suituapui: yes in a day or two, there are ppl who’re already in line? That’s quite hardcore.

  2. immature 2.0

    uncle, can apply for finance for the iCar, iShoe and iToilet also, pwease?

  3. I heard somewhere that if you keep signing up for a new plan every other year you can afford a new phone because of the subsidy. Never pay full price for a phone again (coz if have to pay full price don’t think can ever buy with the exorbitant prices these days lol)!

    • FireAngel: yah, buying phone full price without subsidy’s basically wasting money I think.

  4. Would love to get one but i have too much debt to repay! :'(

  5. Good post! Now maybe i get Cumi to buy me the ifone 6! LOL

  6. Phone is great but the postpaid coverage is the only thing that I am concerned.

    • Agreed, have a bad experience with it. Than I port in to Celcom and the line is getting much more stable and faster.

      • Segister: my experience is only within Klang Valley so your result may vary.

        • true that it was said Klang Valley their territory
          but if just they have better connection definitely will win over the big 3 telco as the plan & rate is affordable

    • Jungkok: Improving as we speak though.

  7. I got my iPhone 6S+ 64gb by sign up with celcom 85 package. The device price only 2988.

  8. Btw Ky wta that can um do like celcom the first 1+5? get 5 supplementary numbers for my family as well?

    • I am now saving my money to get this Umobile plan due to the upfront payment is quite expensive because of the device price.

      • Umobile: yaa, device prices going up a bit due to currency exchange I think.

      • Yea, Malaysia currency exchange rate dropped so make the iPhone price going crazy. You can try to search at lazada the price is even crazy. I have do many survey with iPhone 6S, currently I move to celcom because the device price slightly cheaper.

  9. Celcom need to subscribe the most expensive plan to get cheapest device price
    idk think that’s necessary where DG or Umobile has better offer

    • ZWT: yah sometimes it’s not a straight forward comparison.

      • haha ikr
        altho comparison has been done but sometimes ppl choose acc which telco works the best for them based on where they often travel

        • celcom has wide coverage as their territory is huge
          u may want to try it out or check your area coverage before making up decision

          • Jeen & ZWT: yah that’s true, Open Signal has pretty good coverage map in the application to aid that decision making process.

            • yeah all telco now does provide their map location for user to check the connection in respective area…
              my i6s+ so far so good with it

    • Yeah, make sense. Even others telco did the same way. U subscribe the expensive plan u get greater device subsidized.

  10. After review all the comment and I decided to go for Celcom. Since my place is far from Klang Valley and I realized that Celcom has a better coverage at my place. Going to blue cube tmr.

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