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This is one of those write-ups that was somehow kept in the draft mode for way too long, but never late than never, and this is especially true when it comes to awesome food that can be enjoyed by everyone – so today, let’s talk about Ikan Bakar Adnan bin Hassan in Penang island.

selection & price list plastered on the wall
selection & price list plastered on the wall

To start with, you have to appreciate the location where Ikan Bakar Adnan bin Hassan is located. At the tail end of the island, you’ll have to travel for probably close to 45 mins to 1 hour from the heart of the island to reach this place, depending if you actually get lost or not.

The restaurant itself is of a medan selara sort of set up, and Adnan bin Hassan is the corner shop offering the most selection of any stalls there.

Ikan Bakar Adnan bin Hassan, Kampung Teluk Tempoyak
Ikan Bakar Adnan bin Hassan, Kampung Teluk Tempoyak

There are usually quite a few selection of seafood to be chosen from, ranging from siakap, kerapu, bawal, ikan merah, janahak, udang, and ketam. Price list is clearly stated on the wall as well, which is always helpful. The fishes are supposedly supplied by local fishermen.

better get your share before your friends finish them all
better get your share before your friends finish them all

I liked the way they fish is grilled here, split down the middle with ample sweet and positively hot sambal plastered within the center, and more spicy & sour sambal served on the side just in case you can and want to handle more hotness. The seafood was plenty fresh when we were there as well.

Squid from the neighboring stall wasn’t nearly as satisfying though, so choose your poison carefully.

For those of you who complained that there isn’t any halal food entry for Penang, here’s one yah! Happy dining!

We’re also traveling to London on the 9/10/15 to 12/10/15 for a short 3 day 3 night trip, flying with Malaysian Airline, I will be meeting up a local foodie, Karen, it’ll be exciting!

map to Adnan Bin Hassan in Penang

Ikan Bakar Adnan bin Hassan
Jalan Teluk Tempoyak
Kampung Teluk Tempoyak
11900 Penang
GPS5.277497, 100.288262
Tel: 019-413 2572
Hours: 6:30 pm to midnight  (Closed on Mondays)

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  1. Wowwww!!! Not cheap…but this, I like!!!

  2. Everything looks so appetising, I’m now hungry for IKAN BAKAR!!!

    Have an awesome trip and I’ll see you next weekend!

  3. KY, that some good fish there. I like to use flounder to make fried fish and hold sauce well. What kind of fish was that used for your meal? Sure look very good and lot of meat on it.

    • Vickie: I think we had some red snapper and barramundi as well, good stuff. I haven’t tried having flounder prepared this way to be honest.

  4. All about Malaysia

    Wow looks yummy

  5. Win liao lor… i haven’t heard of this place before >_<

  6. immature 2.0

    wahh is that shaolin tiger? he look like he shaolin elephant now, kekekeke, kennot tahan local food, eh?

  7. immature 2.0

    so now he shaolin WHALE????!!! oh oh dear…

  8. Good concept & food looks nice

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