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We just moved to a new home at Shah Alam less than a couple months ago, it was  a long journey in getting keys, doing defects, renovation, getting furnitures, proper curtains, arranging, cleaning, painting, and many other big and small tasks.

One of the final pieces to the house that we desperately needed was an air purifier in the living/dining area, which thankfully, we have now, and not just an ordinary unit at that.

Sharp FPFM40LB air purifier in our dining area
Sharp  FPFM40LB air purifier in our dining area

The issue of air pollution and crazy API reading due to the haze issue in the past few months should be quite apparent to everyone. Making indoor air as clean as possible is now pretty much a need instead of a luxury. For this we have a unit of SHARP plasmacluster air purifier in the bedroom.

dengue in Malaysia, an alarming statistics
dengue in Malaysia, an alarming statistics

Now come the second issue many of us faces as Malaysian – dengue.

We had over 100 thousand cases of dengue last year, with 215 confirmed cases of death (sadly it also happened to one of my friends, RIP “Wingz”).

number of people killed by mosquito every year
number of people killed by mosquito every year

In fact, mosquito is accountable for the highest number of human fatality from animals with an estimated 725 thousand people died from various diseases infected from it. The number is far higher than human killed by snakes, dogs, snails, crocodiles, hippo, elephant, lions, wolves, and sharks combined. In fact, sharks only account for some 10 fatalities a year.

We are definitely facing some mosquito issues in the new area, I suspect partly due to the construction of a condominium a mere hundred or so meters away.

Sharp FPFM40LB air purifier with mosquito catcher function
SHARP  FPFM40LB air purifier with mosquito catcher function

So to combat this pesky and potentially very dangerous mosquito problem, we were also looking for some sort of repellent or electronic mosquito trap for the past week or so.

anatomy of the SHARP FPFM40L Air Purifier
anatomy of the SHARP FPFM40L Air Purifier

Then came the SHARP FPFM40LB, the Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier – a device that combat of the two issues many of us face. It purifies air and trap mosquitos all at the same time. Now instead of having to get two separate devices, we got one that does both – saving both space, energy, and the need for another electrical sockets. Neat.

installing the deodorising filter and HEPA filter
installing the deodorising filter and HEPA filter

To achieve the air purifying objective, the unit comes with SHARP’s plasmacluster technology to eliminate static electric so dust doesn’t stick to surface, then there’s a deodorising filter to remove foul odor, and HEPA filter to remove air borne particles (99.97% of 0.3 micron dust). It also has an air sensor that monitor and control the amount of air flow needed to achieve this task efficiently.

glue sheet - with UV light these are the mosquito catching secrets
glue sheet – with UV light these are the mosquito catching secrets

To catch mosquito, the FPFM40L uses a strong glue sheet made out from non-toxic material (to ensure safety), and two maintenance free energy saving LED lights to attract mosquitos. The unit is also black in color, as mosquitos often like to hide in dark areas. Additionally, even the entrance is designed and shaped in such for maximum catching performance.

Each pack has 3 sheets and each sheet is recommended to be used for 1 month, with a maximum of 3 month usefulness if it’s not “filled” with mosquito yet. So far in a few days of use, I’ve noticed a dozen of so mosquitos stuck in the glue sheet, and the area is really practically mosquito free. It’s doing it’s job.

So if you’re facing similar problems, this latest SHARP Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier should be in your radar. Head to for more info.

And as a pet owner myself, this video conveys the usefulness of Plasmacluster feature pretty well.

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  1. Yup, ideal for Malaysia, dengue…and haze!! 🙁

    • suituapui: yah, not the stuff we’re proud of but definitely we have to deal with them.

  2. Hehe nice new place! And we recently bought a Sharp air purifier too cos of the haze

  3. Are you sure you want Haze be gone?

  4. Kyspeaks,

    May I know how much for this model? Any promo for the launch?Thanks.

  5. Make your house too comfortable and you won’t want to be be going out eating and doing reviews!

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    I believe I can fly…
    I believe I can touch the sky….

    RIP Wingz

  7. Hi, do you know where to buy the gluesheet if used out?

  8. How’s you find this purifier & mosquito catcher? Does it helpful?

  9. whats the different between the 30L and 40L model, as much as i am concerned the only different is the cover area, 3m2 is the different. Not much different form what i can see

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