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Being a Penangite in heart, I am always on a look-out for a good plate of char kuih teow, so when I saw this place popped up on my FB feed thanks to Angeltini (who blogs about booze), I just knew that I had to visit Uncle Vincent’s at Bukit Rimau soon as possible.

Uncle Vincent's at Bukit Rimau, Selangor
Uncle Vincent’s at Bukit Rimau, Selangor

Uncle Vincent’s is located at Bukit Rimau, the slightly less glamorous sister to Kota Kemuning. Parking is relatively easy as the shop lot next to AEON at this area isn’t particularly well populated.

The interior has a very simple set up, and they probably spent all of 5 minutes to figure out what they decided not to have as decorations. Which is fine by me, I’m here for the food.

Penang char kuih teow with prawns, cockles, and Chinese sausage
Penang char kuih teow with prawns, cockles, and Chinese sausage

There are basically three main dishes here – char kuih teow, prawn mee, and pork noodle (or four if you count nasi lemak on Sundays). I’ve read that the pork noodle is not particularly impressive, so we’ve decided to skip that.

Thankfully, char kuih teow here turned out to be rather good, as Jon, another born-in-Penang friend said “80% of Penang’s version”, which I agree. The “wok hei” is there, and for RM 8, you also get pretty decent sized prawns, Chinese sausage, and fresh cockles. I like it, I’ll be back.

the prawn mee comes with a couple bigger prawns too
the prawn mee comes with a couple bigger prawns too

The prawn mee too did not disappoint, also priced at RM 8, this version of prawn mee comes with 2 bigger prawns in addition to those tiny shrimps, your choice of noodle/vermicelli, hard boiled eggs, pork slices (or more like chunks), fried shallots, kangkung, and all the prawn-shell flavored goodness in its soup.

It’s not hard to see why this is PureGlutton’s favorite.

Haze & KY at Uncle Vincent's
Haze & KY at Uncle Vincent’s

Lunch came to less than RM 20 for two, and we were truly satisfied. I like that the concept is simple, and that Uncle Vincent’s did not try to overcrowd their menu with dishes they have no business providing.

I’ll be back.

map to Uncle Vincent's at Bukit Rimau

Uncle Vincent’s Restaurant
21 Jalan Sungei Burung Z32/Z
Bukit Rimau, Selangor
GPS: 2.998867, 101.526406
Tel: 012-3766071; 016-9555948
Hours: Closed on Mondays, 8:30am to 3pm

Discuss : KY eats – CKT & Prawn Mee at Uncle Vincent’s, Bukit Rimau

  1. Yummmm!!!! Both look good. Can I have both? 😀

  2. KY,the char kuih teow is one dish not seen at any asian eateries in San Francisco or the prawn mee. That why I try to follow recipes to make it at home to enjoyed with friends and family.

    My cousin in Singapore does not know which better one in Malaysia or Singapore.
    He in Singapore doing business in fashion and my mom having been a designer for Levy is designing for HSN

    • Vickie: many Singaporeans like to claim that they have superior hawker food, but as far as char kuih teow is concerned, you can’t beat the original Penang flavor, this version comes close though. 🙂

  3. Back to Penang or this place? haha!

  4. alrite.. so maybe I’ll visit Unc Vincent soon too 😉 LOL

  5. CKT looks good, I never have any CKT except the one I’ve reviewed before (Angcle Peoh) since I had the Penang authentic version 🙁

  6. Like I said, this is one of my regular haunts, hehe! Glad u liked what you tried. Their Yin Yeong is also good – love the addition of Chinese wine in the gravy 😉 Oh, thanks for the linkback… hope to catch u in KK one of these days 🙂

  7. wah. thank you for the plug! <3

  8. word on the street is that “Vincent” was the pioneer chef in Champs at BU Ceenterpoint, which makes perfect sense as why his ‘hare mee’ is onelau

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