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Sometimes last year, I wrote an entry about curry chicken pao in USJ 4’s New Apollos kopitiam. Well, today we talk about the supplier of those pao – Restoran Klang Food Centre at Klang.

Restoran Klang Food Centre
Restoran Klang Food Centre

The restaurant is located at Taman Intan, the first commercial center just after the Klang toll (Sungai Rasau) and NKVE intersection on federal highway. The area also houses some popular bak kut teh places such as Teluk Pulai BKT and Weng Heong BKT.

100% handmade bao on location
100% handmade bao on location

There’s over a dozen different pao available here, ranging from the usual chicken, kaya, big pao, char siew, red bean, lin yong, and so forth, they also have yam and pork, curry chicken pao, and my personal favorite – mui choi pao.

The pao here are all hand-made on location, so you’re getting pretty much the freshest pao you can get. They also sell these dumplings in frozen form should you want to bring them home and steam them up for breakfast at your leisure.

bak chang, yam cake, and various bao available here
bak chang, yam cake, and various bao available here

Other than pao, Restoran Klang Food Centre also serves bak chang, lo mai kai, yam puff, sesame balls, and yam cakes as well. The bak chang tastes pretty good, but I thought the yam cake was actually sub-par.

If you’re up for some traditional eat-from-your-hand fresh paos, check this place out.

map to Klang food centre

Restoran Klang Food Centre
10, Jalan Batai Laut 5
Taman Intan
41300 Klang, Selangor
GPS3.056198, 101.473514

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  1. mui choy bao definitely a rare, great find KY!

  2. CL (RealGunners)

    I wanted to come here on my last visit to Klang, but it was jam packed and I could not find parking, so I left. Should’ve perservered!

  3. Sigh!!! Klang! So far away, not likely for visitors to go all the way. Loved the ones I used to have from a coffee shop at Bukit Bintang years and years ago – no more coffee shops that end of BB these days (beside KFC), the big pao!

    • suituapui: klang is just a little over half an hour during non-rush hours, also, there’s BKT!

  4. KY, love baos all kind. My cousins in Hawaii own restaurants that serve dim sums.
    They learn to make dim sums while living in Hong Kong. Planing another restaurant
    on Maui a Chinese diner style called Chopsuey Place and a buffet restaurant called
    Blue Dragon.

  5. immature 2.0

    aiya uncle, get bigger pic laa, i wanna see prices lehh

  6. Oh yes, i am a fan of Bao too, would love to eat more if it isn’t that fattening 😛

  7. those baos must be so fresh and delicious lor! 😀

  8. ooo, this makes me wonder if someone will open a hipster bao cafe in KL sometime soon … can imagine, rite. bao with different fillings … i want a Tex-Mex bao stuffed with beef fajitas, guacamole & salsa 😀

  9. Emre Altun

    Thank you very much

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