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Sometimes last year, I wrote an entry about curry chicken pao in USJ 4’s New Apollos kopitiam. Well, today we talk about the supplier of those pao – Restoran Klang Food Centre at Klang.

Restoran Klang Food Centre
Restoran Klang Food Centre

The restaurant is located at Taman Intan, the first commercial center just after the Klang toll (Sungai Rasau) and NKVE intersection on federal highway. The area also houses some popular bak kut teh places such as Teluk Pulai BKT and Weng Heong BKT.

100% handmade bao on location
100% handmade bao on location

There’s over a dozen different pao available here, ranging from the usual chicken, kaya, big pao, char siew, red bean, lin yong, and so forth, they also have yam and pork, curry chicken pao, and my personal favorite – mui choi pao.

The pao here are all hand-made on location, so you’re getting pretty much the freshest pao you can get. They also sell these dumplings in frozen form should you want to bring them home and steam them up for breakfast at your leisure.

bak chang, yam cake, and various bao available here
bak chang, yam cake, and various bao available here

Other than pao, Restoran Klang Food Centre also serves bak chang, lo mai kai, yam puff, sesame balls, and yam cakes as well. The bak chang tastes pretty good, but I thought the yam cake was actually sub-par.

If you’re up for some traditional eat-from-your-hand fresh paos, check this place out.

map to Klang food centre

Restoran Klang Food Centre
10, Jalan Batai Laut 5
Taman Intan
41300 Klang, Selangor
GPS3.056198, 101.473514

A couple weeks ago we were invited to sample Chef Sam Lu’s menu at Saujana Hotel’s Ti Chen Chinese restaurant. Chef Sam Lu is the new man in charge of the kitchen at Ti Chen, and one with multiple awards under his belt.

Saujana's Ti Chen Chinese Restaurant with Chef Sam Lu (right)
Saujana’s Ti Chen Chinese Restaurant with Chef Sam Lu (right)

Chef Sam learnt the fundamentals of Chinese cuisine by attending the Chinese Cooking Course under China Hakka Famous Chefs and was also trained at the China Development Center of Molecular Gastronomy. In this menu, the play between molecular gastronomy and traditional Chinese cuisine is very apparent, and we were lucky enough to be one of the few who got to try his creation at Saujana.

For this media review, we were served the following 7 course menu.

deep fried scallops with banana & taro paste
deep fried scallops with banana & taro paste
roasted chicken roll with Korean BBQ sauce

The dinner got underway with a pair of appetizers.

Deep fried scallop with banana and taro paste was a bit like an East-meet-West dimsim & dessert marriage. Banana gave the dish a soft and sweet texture, while the scallop contributed to the taste of seafood, pretty interesting.

Roasted chicken roll with Korean BBQ sauce had a bit more of a traditional palate with a hint of Korean flavor, I find myself enjoying it quite a bit. The carefully roasted garlic was just an icing on the cake.

double boiled village chicken with fish maw soup
double boiled village chicken with fish maw soup

The double boiled village chicken with fish maw soup was the one dish that actually enticed Haze and I to go to this review session. We were spending a lot of time with house renovation and thought a bowl of good soup would do us well, we were not wrong.

According to the good chef, the soup took no shorter than 6 hours to prepare. The fish maw was soft and tender, and the soup positively rejuvenating.

steamed cod fish with chinese herbs
steamed cod fish with Chinese herbs

My favorite dish came next – the steamed cod fish with Chinese herbs. The filet was absolutely fantastic, it was tender, juicy, and just lightly seasoned. I like the presence of wolf berry in the broth, and that foam from the influence of molecular gastronomy.

butter garlic fried-rice with crab meat, roast duck
butter garlic fried-rice with crab meat, roast duck

As with any proper Chinese course dinner, there’s always a dish with carbo, and our version came in the form of butter garlic fried-rice with crab meat. Instead of the traditional dryer and more fluffy type of fried rice, this version takes the cue from Italian risotto and prepared a little wetter. To be honest, I prefer the Chinese fried rice of old, not that this one is bad, it was just.. unfamiliar.

We were also given a plate of roast duck, which was prepared differently from the traditional method. It was tender, juicy, and goes very well with any sort of rice, or just on its own.

Sam's coffee pudding, bake homemade almond cream bun, KY & Haze
Sam’s coffee pudding, bake homemade almond cream bun, KY & Haze

Desserts came in the form of Sam’s coffee pudding and bake homemade almond cream bun. I personally liked the almond cream bun, but almond is a bit of an acquired taste so I think it didn’t find too many fans among the reviewers around the table. The coffee pudding had a better reception for sure, with it’s cute presentation and subtle coffee taste to a sweet ending.

Ti Chen is open from Tuesday to Fridays for lunch (12-2:30pm), dinner (6-10pm) and on Saturdays & Sundays for lunch (9-2:30pm) and dinner (6-10pm).

P/S: check out local accommodations for Saujana Apartments to stay at the area.

map to Saujana Kuala Lumpur

Ti Chen
Saujana Golf & Country Club,
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS,

40150 Selangor
GPS3.106865, 101.575285
Tel03-7846 1466

Let’s continue with our Klang bak kut teh related reviews, shall we? Today’s we’re looking at something just a tiny bit different from the usual bowl or clay pot type bak kut teh, we’re talking about – Hong Ba (封肉).

I first read about 158 Hong Ba on Jodie’s blog, and since it looked absolutely stunning, we went ahead and gave it a try.

158 Hong Ba at Pandamaran, Klang
158 Hong Ba at Pandamaran, Klang

158 Hong Ba is located at Pandamaran’s Jalan Chan Ah Choo, a street that has quite a few restaurants, at least half of which serves bak kut teh. Yes, Klang people absolutely love their pork.

The restaurant is set up just like a bak kut teh place, with kettle on gas stove for tea making purposes, and semi-alfresco dining area. They serve breakfast/brunch as well as dinner, and purportedly operated by different siblings on those service windows.

you can cut the meat by just using a blunt spoon
you can cut the meat by just using a blunt spoon

Unlike normal bak kut teh, hong ba is more like braised pork with thick herbal gravy. The pork is absolutely tender and super savory, braised eggs and tofu is served together with the fatty pork that melts in your mouth. While they give you quite a generous portion of gravy, it is not “soup” sort of portion, and not meant to be.

It turned out to be pretty awesome, but standard portion for two is actually a bit smallish. Next time I’ll need to order their innards and pork tendons, they looked absolutely stunning!

So if you’re a fan of melt in your mouth porky goodness, this is one of the places you should check out.

map to 158 Hong Ba, Pandamaran

158 Hong Ba
158, Jalan Chan Ah Choo, 
42000 Pelabuhan Klang,
GPS: 3.009868, 101.418189
Tel: 012-2263043
Hours: 6.30 am – 1 pm, 6 pm – 10 pm

A few days before bulan puasa, we had several rounds of short lunch excursions, one of which was the famous asam pedas place at Man’s Cafe in Kampung Baru. Since Ramadan has passed, I thought it’s appropriate to write about this place as it is back in business for lunch again.

Update: Place has since moved down the road next to Akar Homestay

Man's cafe updated, Asam Pedas
updated pic of the new Man’s Cafe Asam Pedas

Asam Pedas Kampung Baru, or Man's Cafe Selera Kampung
Asam Pedas Kampung Baru, or Man’s Cafe Selera Kampung

Located at the “entrance” to Kampung Baru from Jalan Tun Razak as you turn into Jalan Raja Muda Musa, the little eatery is yet another zinc roofed structure that has seen better days as a residence. Dining tables with plastic chairs are scattered about the former porch and living room of the house, with a couple rows of delicious looking dishes presented at around the entrance.

ulam, ikan bakar, sambal, tempoyak, and more
ulam, ikan bakar, sambal, tempoyak, and more

Like most Malay mixed rice places, there’s a pretty good variety of choices here – starting from over half a dozen choices of ulam, to kari ikan, ayam goreng, several types of sambal (including tempoyak aka fermented durian), telur dadar, sambal chili, terung chili, and good mix of ikan bakar.

the all important Asam Pedas (bottom right)
the all important Asam Pedas (bottom right)

While those dishes we tried were all pretty good, the highlight of lunch was their signature dish – asam pedas. It is basically curry cooked with salted vegetable that’s not unlike the Chinese spicy vegetable (a good version can be found at Peng Heong Hakka Paikut Rice in Klang), but cooked with fish instead. It was sour, spicy, and absolutely intoxicating.

If you’re up for something that can jolt your senses, Man’s Asam Pedas cafe is one of those places to check out.

map to Man's Cafe asam pedas at Kampung Baru

Man’s Asam Pedas Cafe
Intersection of Jalan Raja Muda Musa
& Jalan Raja Uda
Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.165282,101.709029

Let’s continue with the slow but steady coverage of Klang bak kut teh on this site.

Today, we are going to look at one of the more popular bak kut teh restarants in the center of Klang town – Sei Ngan Chai bak kut teh by Jalan Gelegor, located just a few steps away from Lao Heong BKT, which I wrote about just a couple or so weeks ago.

Sei Ngan Chai bak kut teh, Jalan Gelugor, Klang
Sei Ngan Chai bak kut teh, Jalan Gelugor, Klang

Like many other old school Klang bak kut teh restaurants, this place too is converted from a corner unit of a residential house. There isn’t any proper parking lots nearby, but anyone who’s been to this part of town before won’t have too much of a problem finding a semi-legal slot for your vehicle.

While most BKT places opens either at in the morning through lunch time or only for dinner, Sei Ngan Chai operates from 8 in the morning till about 9pm. You still can’t have bkt here for supper, but it covers pretty much all other meals.

bak kut teh with kah wan meat and intestine
bak kut teh with kah wan meat and intestine

We ordered portion for two that comes in a clay pot, as for the choice of meat, it was kahwan (fatty leg part with tendon) with some innards (tripe & intestine). I like the fact that they serve innards, as this is not always available at Klang bak kut teh.

The meat was as tender as other Klang offerings, and the intestine was superb. The soup isn’t thick as Ah Her or Mo Sang Kor’s style, but has a strong herbal taste and was served in pretty good portion.

strangely, there's fishball in this bak kut teh
strangely, there’s fishball in this bak kut teh

Interestingly, there’s also a few fish balls embedded in the BKT soup. They were decent tasting fish ball, and perhaps it is something that the owner tries to set this place apart from hundreds of other Klang BKT outlets, but I think it doesn’t really have any business being in there, not that I really mind.

Anyway, I think Sei Ngan Chai is a worth a visiting again if I need some BKT loving.

map to sei ngan chai bak kut teh, klang

Sei Ngan Chai Bak Kut Teh
Jalan Kepayang and Jalan Gelugor
Meru, Klang
GPS: 3.05662, 101.450605
Hours: 8 am to 9 pm