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After writing about the beef noodle at the corner kopitiam at Taman Berkeley, I had a few readers who mentioned that they prefer “the other beef noodle place”, so here it is – I gave Cheong Kee Beef Noodle Restaurant a try.

Cheong Kee beef noodle Taman Berkeley
Cheong Kee beef noodle Taman Berkeley

Cheong Kee is located at the same row with Fatty Meehun kuih & Mo Sang Kor bak kut teh, with basic table & chair and zero decoration. The most important item in the menu would be the beef noodle, but they do offer a few other popular hawker dishes such as char kuih teow, pan mee, and so on.

dry version with mixed beef soup on the side
dry version with mixed beef soup on the side

Traditionally the beef noodle is soupy, but I opted for the dry version on my first visit. The minced meat on top of the noodle (or kuih teow/meehun etc) came with a bit of salted vegetable which gave it a distinct taste (Tangkak style). The beef balls, tripes, and other ingredients in the soup were pretty good too.

I enjoyed the normal chili paste, but if you’re a fan of chili paste, you can also ask for a special spicy version as well.

Cheong Kee is definitely worth visiting, and I’ll probably head there again soon.

map to Cheong Kee beef noodle, Taman Berkeley

Cheong Kee Beef Noodle
45, Leboh Bangau,
Taman Berkeley, 41150 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.058252, 101.463231

Discuss : KY eats – Cheong Kee beef noodle Taman Berkeley, Klang

  1. Esther.L

    I like the mihun kuih here too…Btw i saw you at this BBK chinese restaurant last friday, how’s the food?

  2. KY, I had lunch at time with friends at Berkeley in Calif.not one in Malaysia. Great noodle dishes too.

  3. Our noodles would be different, soup should be pretty much similar…but wow!!!! How much is that combo? Would be quite expensive if we were to ask for so much beef, tripe and tendon here.

    • immature 2.0

      yes, yoda says, for it shall be, it be

      if not be, then it shall be, yes yes, yoda says

    • suituapui: it was less than RM 8 or something similar. I thin.k

  4. The other beef noodle you ate at Taman Berkeley looked nicer…with a darker broth! 😉

  5. bro, that’s 1 chicken rice very nice inside taman berkeley you can give it a try for lunch time only, after fatty mee hun kuey turn right u’ll see a corner shop kopitiam called restoran tuck kee, their rice so far I tried in whole malaysia is no.1 !!! And it’s super cheap, if u order chicken only it’s RM4

  6. Tony Foo

    I must try Cheong Kee Noodles when I am in KL.

    To be honest your country IGP and PM have make us all sick and also that Lowyat incident.

    Btw I am working now in Singapore!

  7. Agreed with Ky,We like their curry laksa & mee hoon kueh

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