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While driving around Taman Eng Ann in Klang looking for some sort of afternoon snack away from the famous “under the tree” hawker center (that offers awesome pohpia), we chanced upon this curious little stall that’s about as old school as it gets – Nijia Fried Chicken.

Nijia Fried Chicken (with Yoyo Ice too)
Nijia Fried Chicken (with Yoyo Ice too)

This place is as no frill as it gets, offering only a very limited menu of fried chicken, nasi lemak, and yoyo ice.

Chicken goes for RM 2.20 (wings) to RM 3 (thigh), a set of nasi lemak cost RM 2, as with a cup of “Yoyo ice”. It is also self served.

fried chicken and nasi lemak does go well together
fried chicken and nasi lemak does go well together

While there’s no claim of 11 herbs and spices, the chicken was crispy and rather tasty in an uncomplicated way. I ended u p going for second servings. The nasi lemak too was fragrant and rather delicious, Haze had no trouble finishing everything in the plate.

As for yoyo ice, it’s more like sourish flavored shaved ice, which was just perfect when it’s really hot out.

All in, it was a few bucks per person for a good afternoon snack, why can’t we have more places like this?

nijia fried chicken at Taman Eng Ann map

46, Jalan Serindit 4,
Taman Eng Ann, 41150 Klang, Selangor
GPS3.057621, 101.458970

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  1. at first i read the name in your title as Ninja fried chicken! 😀

  2. Ramadhan’s here. Ramadhan bazaar, here I come! Would be so spoilt for choice, stuff like these…and lot lots more!

  3. The fried chicken looks freshly fried and crunchy….and it’s cheap too!

  4. In Ramadan i am going to this place for sure. According to pic this place really look awesome and food looks food as well.

  5. KY, fried chicken 11 spices look good and different American style had tried Chinese one and Korean style but not yet Nijia style one.

  6. Veronica

    Sounds delicious. Thanks for letting us know about this place. Wanna go there once 🙂

  7. Looks good. But that’s 800 calories.

    • immature 2.0


      good la, uncle KY making this food blog post alone already burn up 800 calories, ken cb…

  8. less and less PJ.. more and more klang.

    sigh. good also la. eventually also I need to know. 😛

  9. saim malik

    nice post

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