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My first experience having non-claypot bak kut teh was actually at the Mo Sang Kor branch at Taman Berkeley almost 3 years ago. It was quite an experience.

Fast forward to June 2015, just a few weeks before we move to Shah Alam and in the midst of house renovation, I thought I should try the original Mo Sang Kor bak kut teh shop, as part of my aim to try as many different bak kut teh restaurants in Klang as I possibly can.

Update 2019: this branch has since closed.

Mo Sang Kor bak kut teh at Pandamaran, Klang
Mo Sang Kor bak kut teh at Pandamaran, Klang

Located at Jalan Chan Ah Choo, Pandamaran. The restaurant is no different from many other bak kut teh shops littered along the same road – semi open concept with basic plastic tables & chairs as well as kettle with boiling hot water for your tea.

Been too long! Original Mo Sang Kor at Pandamaran, manned by the sister at night, the brother in the morning and the other brother at Taman Berkeley. Happy now 😚👌😚👌 #kyeats #bakkutteh #klang #pork #nonhalal #instavideo

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As usual, you can bring your own tea leaves (like all proper Klang people), or asks for house supplied tea that usually comes in a few varieties.

"kah wan" and "tua kut" bak kut teh
“kah wan” and “tua kut” bak kut teh

For the two of us, we ordered a portion of “tua kut” (big bone), “kah wan” (fatty meat near leg), and a bowl of pork intestine.

The taste was pretty much spot on and actually identical to the version at Taman Berkeley. It had a strong herbal taste with a very slight bitter after taste which I like. Like most Klang bkt, the pork was boiled to perfection and so soft you can peel them off the bone with a spoon.

Most importantly, don’t let the garlic goes to waste either, they are absolutely beautiful.

if you want a good bowl of bak kut teh, go to Klang
if you want a good bowl of bak kut teh, go to Klang

Compared to Ah Her bak kut teh (one of our favorites), the soup is slightly less thick but has a stronger herbal taste. I like them both.

map to Mo Sang Kor bak kut teh, Pandamaran

Mo Sang Kor Bak Kut Teh
145, Jalan Chan Ah Choo,
Pandamaran, Klang,
GPS: 3.009651, 101.417366
Tel: 012-904 2421
Hours: 6am – 12pm, 5pm – 10pm

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  1. looks fabulous! I like the herbal sort too! 🙂

  2. The founder now sits at the Bekerley outlet whereby the son is manning this stall. The way they “add extra soup” really amazes me. Just 3/4 soup spoon full, thats all! So little we treated it like gold! Nevertheless, like MSK the most amongst the rest in Klang! Glad you tried KY!

    • Mark: oOo, I never bother to ask for extra soup at these “bowl type” bkt places, usually they are very limited and most won’t really give you extra soup, but whatever they gave was kaooooo

  3. KY, cooking reminded of my late grandmother style now must try recreated it. I didn’t know it had pig intestines in it.

  4. don’t let garlic go to waste … very wise words, saya sokong! 😀

  5. While in Klang, there’s a new coffee shop over there – Seraph Awaken – that’s worth a visit – perhaps after a big bowl of bak kut teh you could stop in for some hand pour coffee and a slice of cake.

  6. Oh dear! Now I’m craving!!! I wanna pork leg!!!!

  7. Oh dear….I see a lot of wobbly stuff but I’d like the intestines though! 😀

  8. The broth seems to be thicker than usual… do they serve tau kuah? LOL

  9. immature 2.0

    Oink, greatest recycling machine ever

  10. Ky, go to sarawak and try sarawak laksa, the breakfast of GOD, as it claimed by Anthony Bourdain

    • Ray: I love Anthony Bourdain but don’t think he’s the expert in Malaysian food. haha.

  11. Yes i agree that mah sang kor taste is fantasy..recently i found one shop the taste just like moh sang kor..location at OG business park at Taman Tan Yew Lai, Kuala Lumpur..nearby OUG..can go trying..very good

  12. […] to try some of the area’s famous Bak Kut Teh. Local foodie, KY, of the popular blog KY Speaks, recommends Mo Sang Kor, as a great spot to start. We suggest you follow it up with a specialty […]

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