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Last weekend I decided that since we’re moving to Seksyen 16 in Shah Alam, it might be a good idea to scout around for some good Malay/Indonesian food around the area and see what we can find.

We drove straight into Padang Jawa without any plan or expectation, and just as we passed the flyover, a sign appears that says “Pecel Lele”, we scouted a bit some more before decided to check it out, and was pleasantly surprised that within this almost-jungle/kampung area exists a rather busy shack/restaurant/stall that’s packed with people.

Kedai Makan Pecel Lele, Padang Jawa
Kedai Makan Pecel Lele, Padang Jawa

We then immediately got our car parked at the dedicated carpark for the restaurant just behind the building, and proceed to check out what the all fuss is about.

As it turned out, Pecel Lele is an ayam penyet stall/restaurant that operates around the clock, and a local favorite among Padang Jawa folks as well as UiTM students. Haze and I were the only two Chinese at the time, and I was absolutely delighted.

que to order, then get your unlimited rice and soup
que to order, then get your unlimited rice and soup

The SOP at Pecel Lele is simple.

  • jot down your table number
  • line up, order, and pay for your food
  • get your own rice & soup (unlimited)
  • wait for your food and drinks to be served (usually within 5-10 mins)

berbola, pecal lele, ayam penyet, and those sambal!
berbola, pecal lele, ayam penyet, bergedil, and those sambal!

The prices at Pecel Lele is really one of the cheapest I’ve seen anywhere, especially in Klang Valley. Ayam penyet with rice at RM 4.50, with catfish (pecel lele) is RM 5.50, pecal berbola RM 5, pecal daging RM 5. Other extras offers great value as well – RM 0.50 bergedil, nangka, or pucuk ubi, two bebola for RM 1, and tempe for RM 1.50.

If you’re not into rice dishes, mie ayam, soto, bakso, or gado-gado are priced at RM 3.50. Drinks are RM 1.50.

we definitely enjoyed the meal, all for only RM 15.50 too
we definitely enjoyed the meal, all for only RM 15.50 too

As for the taste? We absolutely loved it!

The chicken was properly seasoned, and the cat fish deep fried to a crunchy state that goes really well with those tomato salsa/sambal concoction. Berbola tasted very similar to keropok lekor with body image problem, and even the bergedil was pretty decent (could be warmer though).

The drinks? Though they’re supposed to be “mango juice” or “grape juice”, they tasted more like melted Sugus candies, which my taste bud loved, but I reckon may not be perfectly good for your health. Then again, you don’t eat there everyday kan?

I’m definitely going to make this place one of my weekly pilgrimage soon.

map to Pecal Lele Padang Jawa

Pecal Lele Padang Jawa
Lot 617, Jalan Berangan 
Kampung Padang Jawa, Shah Alam
GPS: 3.050029, 101.489769
Tel019-206 8920
Hours: 24 hours, closes for Friday prayers

Discuss : KY eats – Ayam Penyet at Pecal Lele Kampung Jawa, Shah Alam

  1. KY, I enjoy eating catfish for lot of meat and not too much bone in it. Unlimted rice sound great so you leave there stuff that good eatery for that. Maybe you should have bring own drinks that only thing there. Prices reasonable for all that food.

    • Vickie: the drinks were great! Just may not be healthiest, but great!

    • Sally Chin

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  3. immature 2.0

    uncle is hunter gatherer

  4. Local Resident

    Well, good observation. Price among the cheapest u can get, with their POS system make things easy. First i discover this was about 6 7 years back where its really kampung-ish. Totally different from now which complete with the handwash toilet parking etc. Back then the price range from rm3.50 for ayam & lele. But still worth it right?

    p/s : That drink is call extra joss (e-juss), some kind of energy drink origin from Indonesia. They use one sachet for one glass, but IMO, it could cover two glass but still damn sweet.

  5. Masa belajar di Uitm Shah Alam dulu, sinilah tempat kami student makan. Harga sangat murah dan berpatutan. nama glamer tempat ni kami slalu panggil “Pecel Lele”. Tengok gambar kedai tu dalam blok ni dah berubah cantik. Lama dah tak singgah makan

  6. Bro, try makan kat Cherry, bawah jambatan di Kampung Sungai Penchala. Quiet cheap & banyak choices

  7. ooo, the uitm students must be pleased that they can get good food at decent prices here … and the unlimited soup will help to fill them up too! 🙂

  8. We have our favourite place here – they wrap the rice in banana leaf, giving it that extra bit of fragrance and taste. Much nicer than elsewhere.

  9. wow, so many dishes for the two of you? can finish mou? 😀

  10. The sambal definitely the essential of any ayam penyet meal!

  11. Mouth watering….

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