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Since we’re in the midst of getting the new house ready for moving in, and that the new place is rather close to Klang, it is not surprising that you may have been seeing a lot of food updates on my instagram/FB pages that features the area.

So far, the general “summary” is that the closer you get from KL to Klang, the quality of new-age & foreign food sorta goes down, but on the flip side, traditional hawker fairs and old school Chinese food is much, much better.

Kedai Kopi Tec Le at Taman Berkeley, Klang
Kedai Kopi Tec Le at Taman Berkeley, Klang

One of such example is the wantan mee at Kedai Kopi Tec Le, an unassuming kopitiam at Taman Berkeley, one of the popular food destinations this side of Klang that is pretty much akin to SS2 area in PJ.

One of the better wantan mee at Klang. I like that he uses pickled green chili padi, giving it an extra kick. Taman Berkeley Tec Le kopitiam. Yes it's the same guy who served sesame tong yuan at night. . #kyeats #breakfast #kopitiam #wantanmee #nonhalal #klang #tamanberkeley

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wantan mee with the secret ingredient - lard
wantan mee with the secret ingredient – lard

The wantan mee stall here is operated by the same guy who runs the yummy made-on-the-spot tongyuen ginger soup at night at the same location. This stall operates in the morning till around lunch time.

The ingredients aren’t too different from your traditional wantan mee but with two minor differences – lard, and pickled chili padi instead of green chili.

the wantan is pretty delicious too
the wantan is pretty delicious too

Lard really is the magic ingredients in many hawker foods around here, and it really does bring it up a notch. That being said, the noodle, charsiu, and wantan here are of very high quality as well. Overall it just worked well, definitely one of the better wantan mee I tried, and for less than RM 5, I’ll have it again anytime.

So many more things around this area and the whole of Klang to explore, I can’t wait.

map to Tec Le kopitiam, Taman Berkeley, Klang

Kedai Kopi Tec Le
Lebuh Bangau,
Taman Berkeley, Klang
GPS:3.060006, 101.464115
Opening hours:ย breakfasts, closed on Monday and Thursday

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  1. love your expression as you admire the char siew on your chopsticks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Esther.L

    To level up your lard standard, may i introduce you the dish: deep fried fish with lard. It is an old school dai chow place at the food court of Jalan Gelugor. Am not sure the name, but it is the first shop from left and it is only open for dinner time. I am not a big fans of lard, but i guess you will be interested to try it out. If i am not wrong, it is called ‘Char Yu’ which is direct translation to Fried Fish. Wish to see more Klang food recommendation from you!

  3. CL (RealGunners)

    Now that’s what we call a proper charsiew! Penang wantan mee operators should learn from this!

  4. I spotted the third minor difference….bok choy instead of choy sum! ๐Ÿ˜€ I love pork lard in anything and the one in Chan Meng Kee lets us order it as a side dish…even better! ;D

    • contact.ewew: good eyes! You’re right, and the chan meng kee lard as side dish… will kill me. haha.

  5. Heheeh, shifting to Ken Rimba? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. KY, Hong Kong used to add lard to their food but not any more due to health dept. So food now taste so different. I got to still find this certain place in Hong Kong that make wonton filling with dried shrimps and other type of fillings they have. In Taiwan they have wonton top with roasted
    crushed peanuts so interesting.

    • immature 2.0

      no cheating on your wife, ok. no killing, ok. no lard, WHOAA HOLD IT RIGHT THERE BUDDY….

    • Vickie: health dept shouldn’t have anything to do with what people choose to eat, it’s it supposed to be a free world? USAAAAAAAAA

  7. Wantan mee looks good, but pickled green chillies is a must have for me ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. I am a huge fan of wanton mee and this looks perfectly fine for me! I’ll skip the lards and char siew anyway ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. The wantan mee is awesome. Have you tried the awesome fried chicken called nijia fried chicken in Tmn Eng Ann? Its super good.

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