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Last weekends I went back up north for cheng beng (Hokkien for prayers to ancestors & grave cleaning), and this time around instead of heading back to Penang, we slept over at my brother’s new house at Sungai Petani instead.

More reason to try some of the local hawker fair my brother talked about.

Curry Mee is the busiest stall at Eupe food court, sungai petani
Curry Mee is the busiest stall at Eupe food court, sungai petani

We went to the (I think) the number one hawker attraction in Sungai Petani – the curry mee stall at Eupe food court.

The food court itself is converted by stripping off the walls and ceiling of 28 shop lots to create a giant dining area under one roof, there are dozens of stalls offering various types of food, with the curry mee stall being the one that’s easiest to spot – the one with a long queue.

slices of fresh mackerel is what made this awesome
slices of fresh mackerel is what made this awesome

The ingredients for this curry mee is very different from the ones in Penang or KL. Instead of pork blood, prawns, and cockles, what we have here is a couple slices of fresh mackerel, lady’s fingers, tomato, potato, and half an egg. Of course, there’s the curry broth and sambal. You can also ask for pork ribs as additional topping.

The mixture worked pretty good, felt unusual at first but it proved to be really worth the wait. The best part about this curry mee is the freshness of the fish. According to my brother, if the market doesn’t have fresh fish for the day, the stall isn’t opened.

me & my younger brother, who's a doctor at Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim
me & my younger brother, who’s a doctor at Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim

If you’re at SP, get on the queue and spend the RM 6 for this, you’ll not regret.

map to Eupe food court, Sungai Petani

Eupe Food Court
Jalan Gamelan 5,
Taman Ria Jaya,
08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah
Hours: 9 am till around lunch time

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  1. KY, I love curry of all kind. Too bad San Francisco do not have much restaurants that known for curry. I do make all kind of curry at home still. When in Asia always head to places that serve it. Your place seem so popular by the long line
    so food indeed very good.

  2. Oooo…handsome your brother. Still available?

    Used to go to SP when my girl was doing her further studies there, graduated now…so I don’t go anymore. Not familiar with the place so dunno this one – just the town centre…and around Village Mall.

  3. I’ll love to try this version! I heard there’s one similar curry mee near carnavon street though, not too sure if its closed now….

  4. wah, what a long queue … how long must wait ar? 😀

  5. CL (RealGunners)

    If I’m at SP… That’s a big If… as things stand now, I think the likelihood of me ending up in Taipei or even Rio de Janeiro is higher than me ending up in SP, even though it is just an hour’s drive away from Penang. 😆

  6. immature 2.0

    uncle i cannot think of anything to comment because all i think about is Dee Kee


  7. cute brother! LOL.. totally diff look from u man.. hahaha

  8. Hi KY. The next time you are in SP, you should try Mee Thajudeen

  9. Hey KY,
    Sounds yummy. I wanna go Eupe Food Court right now!! 😛

  10. BESTO curry noodle! never fail to visit whenever I’m in sp and wait patiently for nothing less than 30mins eveytime! choice of pork or fish. Despite the q and biz, owner (couple) is friendly and nice!

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